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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aurora Police Face-Palm Moment

With regard to the recent massacre at a movie theater:
"What we're seeing here is evidence of, I think, some calculation and deliberation," [Aurora Police Chief Daniel] Oates said.
Tell me, Chief, how long did your detectives have to work on the case before you came to that conclusion?


Eck! said...

And just think a moment.. they were supposed to come to your aid!



bearsense said...

I think someone out there also said that the suspect was out to get the police (referring to the booby -trapped apartment).
Why then did he (the suspect) tell them the apartment was booby-trapped ???

jurassicpork said...

Did you know this clown worked in the NYPD's intelligence division for 20 years before going to Colorado?

Comrade Misfit said...

No, but I'm not surprised. The local DA said that the case isn't a slam-dunk, which makes me wonder what Tier 4 law school they are recruiting from. Asswipe bought the guns, the ammo, rigged his apartment with booby-traps, shot up a shitload of people and was arrested at the scene, with the guns and while wearing his armored get-up.

Who the hell do they have for other suspects, Fox Mulder? Judge Crater? Or am I missing something?