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Monday, July 30, 2012

Rmoney Praises Socialized Health Care for Holding Down Costs.

He really did. Romney was full of praise for the Israeli system where the government forces everyone to have health insurance and then tightly regulates both the insurance companies and the health care system. Romney liked it because it cut the cost of health care in half.

So, to sum up, Romney thinks that socialized medicine is good for the citizens of Israel, good for people of Massachusetts, but totally evil for the United States.

How does this make any sense at all?

Why has Romney's CPU not fried itself from his contradictions?

(A telephone conversation with a British conservative about Mittens.)

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wolfbitch said...

The only reason Romney's poll numbers aren't in the double minus digits is....

He's not Obama. Translation: Romney is white. That's the one big thing he has going for him right now, and he's working off a substantial base that agrees with that sort of thinking.

Following in the steps of Bad Tux, I sign this:

Wolf the Disgusted Bitch