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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Call Bullshit on the "Lobster Glut"

If you have been paying attention to seafood news, you may be aware that there is a glut of lobsters. You may have also seen articles proclaiming that the glut exists because of good management of the lobster fishery.

Not so fast, sports fans.

Yes, it is no doubt true that enforcement on the rules for taking lobsters have helped. But so has bad fishery management for other species. Swordfish eat adult lobsters. Cod eat smaller lobsters. The stocks of both of those species have been almost wiped out. Cod may be virtually extinct (and would have long ago been extinct if the fishermen had their way about it).

So of course there are more lobsters, for the other critters that eat them aren't there in the numbers that they once were.


bmq215 said...

Exactly. Kind of like how the excess of deer here in NY isn't really due to good management practices either.

w3ski said...

Yes, and my Memorial Day Bear turned out to have been left homeless by loggers. Not population explosion. Just what I need a 6 foot tall homeless Bear. Got nothing to do with "management".
More like mis-management if you ask me.