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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Bloggers Are United

Left, Right, Center, doesn't matter. They all seem to be having fun with Clinton's pro-gun mailing:

Double-set triggers are a European affectation, which anybody other than an elitist who went to Wellesley College and Yale Law would know. Certainly any American who has ever hunted with a centerfire rifle would know that. Someone who was really sharp on European Mausers would know that the Model 66 was not made in a left-handed action and would know that most hunters in Indiana are not going to go hunting with a rifle that costs north of two grand.

Beyond that, I respectfully suggest that anyone who seriously thinks that Hillary Clinton is a pro-Second Amendment candidate needs to either put down the cup of Clinton-brand Kool-Aid or stop smoking crack and/or meth, for those drugs are fucking up your head.

UPDATE: Clinton supported the "Million Mom March." This is Clinton on guns eight years ago:

If elected to the Senate, Mrs. Clinton said she'd work with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) on her bill that would require prospective gun buyers to first obtain a gun license by passing a background check and a safety course exam. The bill would also establish a national registry to record all gun sales.

Mrs. Clinton also announced her support for the creation of a "ballistic database" for all new guns, requiring gun makers or sellers to fire guns before sale and send that "ballistic fingerprint" to law enforcement.

Flip? Flop? Or outright lying?

Your call, folks.

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