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Friday, September 8, 2023

The Gunternet and the Right Needs to Get a Grip

Liberty Safe is getting a lot of nasty hate from cooperating with a Federal search warrant and providing the Feebies with an override code.

Those who are upset and are calling for boycotts are, for want of a better word: Stupid. This is why:

If the cops show up with a search warrant and if the subject of the warrant has a safe, the cops are going to get into the safe. If the person being searched doesn't provide access, the cops are still going to get into the safe. In this case, the Feebies were kind enough to ask the safe company for an override code. They got into the safe and the owner of the safe had a usable safe afterwards.

Now, think of what would have happened without an override code. The Federales are not going to say "oh, there's a safe, we're not getting into that." They would have simply brought some heavy tools and peeled open the safe. If necessary, they could have called in the local fire department, which has lots of tools for breaking open things and who would have had fun doing it.


Spud said...

We finally got a safe , liberty in fact.
I wanted an old fashioned combination type , but alas , only electronic ones were available. My paranoid mind worries about things like EMP and solar flares possibly locking me out of the thing.
Any recommendations on ways to bypass the lock ? Or is it going to be cutting torch time if something like that occurs ?
Don't care if the feebs or other law enforcement want in the thing, like you say , they will if they want. Don't matter if you don't want.
Seems there's got to be ways without destructive means...just in case we keep a fair amount outside the safe,

Eck! said...

biggest issue is not the TLAs or other gun toting agency
having the back door.

The real issue is the unauthorized hacking or otherwise
getting the code and then the lock is meaningless
against the bad guys.

That is always the primary issue with back doors.
Everyone know they exist and there is a way in.


Comrade Misfit said...

Indeed. One fine day, they'll get hacked and those access codes will be sold on the dark web.

Spud, if an EMP or a solar flare fries the lock, you'll have to peel the safe or cut it open.

Sikhandtake Rakhuvar said...

Only way a 'backdoor' code for an electronic safe would be acceptable: unique code per safe serial number, stored on a computer only on a local network a few hours a week, to be updated.

Sneakernet from that pc to phone for any requests for an unlock code, with extensive verification required.

Doubt any company would bother to set such up though -- at least not until the inevitable digital break-in.

Alternately, I wonder if some of those MMO games might have the right idea -- a three-key lock, so anyone with real concerns about break-ins could keep the keys separated.