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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Lying American Nazi

Some asshat, who claims to have fought in Ukraine, and whose story has been bruited about by the Putin Propaganda Machine, has been lying the entire time. During one of his claimed trips to fight in the war, he was in court in Florida.

These idiots don't seem to know that the wreckage of their lives leave traces. This particular clown should appply for a permanent DOC number, which he could then add to his tattoos.

1 comment:

DTWND said...

Like many others of the right, they lie about their exploits. We've seen it here on this blog (before some got the banhammer). Keyboard Commandos, Wanna-be warriors, typing tough-guy; they're all bluster and bravado, hiding incognito on the internet. Of course, they all say 'we have guns and know how to use them." As if those on the left don't know how to squeeze a trigger.

When shit gets real, they'll be in their basements typing up their heroic stories for the other cowards to fawn over.