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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Shotgun Shells

Gun Jesus looks at one of the first shotguns that used what would pass for modern cartridges:

I'm not sure of the point that plastic-hulled shotgun shells replaced paper ones in the 1920s. Maybe they did, but I have memories of seeing paper ones in the 1960s. They were on a reloading bench of a friend's dad. Possibly reloaders preferred paper shells. I didn't pay much attention to such things back then.


dinthebeast said...

OK, we used paper shells to reload 10 gauge ammo in the sixties and seventies, and I don't know whether plastic ones were available then, or if reloading crimping tools would have worked on them.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Brian Train said...

I remember my Dad having a few 12 gauge rounds with paper shells - this was in the 70s. They were not reloads but they might have just been old.

Glenn Kelley said...

He was wrong about that . The change over happened in the late '60s . There might have been plastic before that but I was buying new shells and it depended on the brand which type you got . CIL was paper and Remington was plastic .