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Saturday, December 14, 2019

No, It's Not the "Roaring Twenties", You Media Numbnuts

Twice, now, I've heard on-air blatherers referring to the upcoming decade as "the Roaring Twenties".

That's just wrong on a number of levels.

One is that I can't waltz into the local hardware store and buy a Chicago Typewriter.

Another is that they seem to be ignoring how the decade that did earn that name ended. It was not pretty.

What they do have in common is that both decades had crime that has grown out of the moral prohibitionists, who continue to think that human desires can be outlawed. And, of course, a Republican president whose administration has set records for corruption.

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Stewart Dean said...

...and that no one, how sad, can dance a Charleston worth a damn
Watch It's a Wonderful Life, it'll do your heart good.
Gotta says there's too many Potters around these days...and people think the crap they dish out.