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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Running of the Morans; Firearms Edition

From an email sent by an Internet seller of ammunition (and stuff like that):
Due to the results of the recent election, orders for ammunition and related products have increased exponentially. This has resulted in majority of our products advertised on our previous sales flyer email to be sold out. Unfortunately due to supply and demand has our suppliers and importers have increased their price to us and this is completely out of our control. Due to this and our increasing backlog, sale prices will revert back to normal price as inventory begins to return to stock.
So here we go, just like four years ago. There will be panic-buying of all things bangity by all of the Cletii* who are convinced that the Evil Kenyan Usurper is about to outlaw ammunition sales and unleash hordes of UN troops to confiscate their gunsz!!!1!

Those clowns will drive the price of a box of 9mm ball up to $40 (or higher), just as they did last time. And of course, you know that ol' Cletus isn't going to bust a single cap of his precious horde of ammunition.

Ah, well. Same Shit, Different Year. Because you can't fix stupid and, most of the time, it's illegal to kill it.
* Plural of "Cletus", a generic gun owner who thinks that women should only carry J-frame revolvers and that the Four Rules are for sissies.


Unknown said...

I'm going to check the campaign contribution records for this election in a few months when they're available. I'm willing to "bet you $10,000" that all the big firearm and ammo makers and the NRA contributed heavily to the Dems. It's good for -their- business.

Oh well, another four years (at least) until I can afford to go to the range.

Comrade Misfit said...

I don't have a good place to set up a loading bench. So I bought a Lee hand press and I'm assembling the pieces-parts to start making my own rounds.

w3ski said...

I used my old RCBS Rock Chucker press on a Trailer table for years with a little extra plywood and 2 c clamps only. My .308's were a little straining on the poor table but all my pistol loads and 5.56's were Easy! That is what a little case lube and some cleaning of the cases is all about.
Those Lee things are slow and crappy, Rock Chucker is the way to go. Precision and Power and Repeatability. You can really crank out the best ammo with the least trouble and it is so well built you don't need a garage table to use it. Heck a black and decker table and a couple sand bags would work, or like me just a piece of plywood to protect the table finish. You should looky see before you buy all that Lee Crap. I do say Lee has the Very Best Priming Tool but most of their other stuff is just crap, I got drawers full of broken Lee shit.
For your .38's try Unique powder I suggest, if you don't have a preferred powder. Very useful all the way up to Mag loads, but it is a bit smokey. Bullseye is great mostly for 148 grain hollow base wad cutters, great practice, maximum cleaning afterwards , but you can easily smash a revolver with a little too much of it, and stay away from CCI anything, it's poison. My small experience with Winchester powders is that they get very hot and very fast, I like lower pressure loads, kinda of like a plus P not Magnum, but I am not shooting Pins either, it can make a difference there. My revolver loves Plus P levels at 50 plus yards but it is a 6 inch also.
I so love ballistics, a science of numbers and variables, wish I could have made a living off of it.
I may be a bum on a day to day basis but at the Loading Press I am a scientist of the first order.
Have FUN and Be double safe. Too easy to slack off and cook up a nasty batch of hell.
My buddy once cooked up some "hard cast' .357's , lead and lots of Antimony from Type set. Rounds that would go thru a Redwood Tree at a hundred yards and smack your palm so bad you didn't want to shoot again for days.
Lucky I lived to laugh about it.

Comrade Misfit said...

I have a kitchen table, a sideboard and a desk. The latter two are old pieces and too nice for clamping things to. And I have an aversion to doing anything chemical where I eat.

I am going to start slowly on this.

The Bad Yogi said...

Please do, then check back with results. I suspect you are wrong (the ammo co.s and a couple of the gun co.s are very loud in their denunciations) but I am willing to find out differently.

Comrade Misfit said...

Yogi, all they would have to have done is contributed to some of the SuperPacs.

Whatever, I bet Wayne LaPierre is besides himself with glee over all of the paranoid editorials he will write and all of the fundraising cash he anticipates flowing in.

Jeremy Brock said...

... I bet Wayne LaPierre is besides himself with glee over all of the paranoid editorials he will write and all of the fundraising cash he anticipates ...

NRA spam emails are already hysterical, and I have to wonder what they'll be like now. For the most part I've deleted them reflexively, but may just have to start reading the things again.

Speaking of morans [snerk], have you seen the questionably literate secession petitions posted by a herd of yahoos on the White House's We the People page? I think all the butthurt Southern banana republics are featured, and a couple of semi-surprising places. The petition from Georgia didn't even bother to capitalize the name of their state, and the one from Texas has by far the most signatures. Then again, I might even sign that one myself.

Nangleator said...

Will LaPierre get increasingly strident and unhinged the closer Obama's term nears its end without new regulation? Will he keep saying, "He's just waiting for his last three (two (one)) years to spring his trap!"