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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Myth Romney-- Poppa Pander Bear?

Apparently Mittens has his surrogates going to moderate groups and saying, in effect: "Pay no attention to what Mitt told the Wingnuts about overturning Rove v. Wade. He has no intention of trying to do that."

So which is it, Mittens? Are you the ardent pro-lifer that you spent months reassuring your base that you said that you were, or are you going to stab them in the back in order to pander for votes from those who are pro-choice?*

Why should anyone believe a word that he says? Hell, even Romney doesn't believe what he says. He can't keep track of his lies anymore.

Romney is betting the farm that the American voters are a bunch of ignoramuses who can't remember what Romney said last week, let alone during the primary season.
* Yes I know that the Borowitz Report is supposed to be humor.  In this case, it is no less true.


Anonymous said...

I keep having anxiety attacks based on the idea that Mitt the Shit might be RIGHT about American voters. Cause I don't even see how it could be close...and yet, they keep saying it is too close to call??!

Doug Alder said...

Sadly I think Mitt is right about far too many US voters. It's the reason why (along with a good deal of latent racism) that he's pretty much tied in the polls with Obama. Current polls seem to indicate a good chance Mitt will win the popular vote but Obama the Electoral College.

Eck! said...

Rmoney doesn't give a rats ass for anything but power and that job means power
in red white and blue.

He is doing the same dance they all do only he is gone to the limits of stupidity
and overtness in the quest for the oval office.

In the end there are so many of the stupid masses that buy his crap because they are not better but they thing he is not talking about them when he uses the terms like the 47 percent. That kind of denial will get the Zromney apocalypse.


Joe said...

Eck, you're being unfair to Governor Romney. He also cares about money.

Unknown said...

to paraphrase P. T. Barnum, nobody ever lost money betting against the intelligence of Americans

w3ski said...

I can only imagine the 'shit fit' if R/Money gets challenged for stealing the election after another 'die-bold' attempt.
The south would deffinetely rise again.
We don't need another civil war but we do need a civil election.
I understand elections can go to either side in the very end,and I can comprehend actually losing, but even for me another "bush/gore decision" would feel very empty.