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Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Flimflam Game

Amid safety scandals involving "many loose bolts" and widespread problems with Boeing's 737 Max 9s, Boeing is apparently considering buying back Spirit AeroSystems, the key supplier behind some of Boeing's current manufacturing problems, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

Spirit was initially spun out from Boeing Commercial Airplanes in 2005, and Boeing had planned to keep it that way. Last year, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun sought to dispel rumors that Boeing might reacquire Spirit as federal regulators launched investigations into both companies. But now Calhoun appears to be "softening that stance," the WSJ reported

Whatever the pros and cons of this are for making airplanes, you can rest assured that there are people in both companies who are going to make a shitload of money from this. Because Boeing is a financial flimflam company that only happens to also make airplanes.

In a sane reality, there would be a bunch clowns from Wall Street doing the Tyburn Jig in Battery Park.


Eck! said...

Sounds like the contractor cost them more than the money saved.
That and getting a third party to conform to inspections and
procedures may be harder than it looks to the MBAs.


MarkS said...

Based only on Boeing's previous malfeasance, this looks to me like bringing said malfeasance back in-house so as to better control it than an attempt to reform.Hope I'm wrong.

dinthebeast said...

John Oliver took them down a notch or two tonight.

-Doug in Sugar Pine