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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Stochastic Terror Threat From a Cowardly Bint

Lake has never gotten her hands dirty in her life. Her entire life has been running her mouth on camera, switching her religion from Buddhism to the Christian Taliban because there aren't enough Buddhists for her to take a stab at losing elections in Arizona. I have seen no evidence that she knows one end of a weapon from another, let alone have any skill at using one.

But she has no problem with putting shit out to encourage the weak- and wet-brained among the Trumpanzees to commit acts of violence. And if somebody does do something stupid, she'll claim that she was only practicing sarcasm and nobody should have taken her seriously.

ETA: “Stochastic Terror Evita”


SteveP said...

The idea that vengeance against evil makes you just as bad as the evil you're taking up arms against feels very much like something the bad guys would make up and spread across popular culture to make sure we don't shove their heads into guillotines or decorate lampposts with their corpses.

Jones, Jon Jones said...


Comrade Misfit said...

You're right. I'll fix it. Thanks.

Ten Bears said...

Maybe somebody should show the world what it's made out of

Call the bluff, walk right over it ...

Eck! said...

My daddy is bigger then your and he has a gang to help him...

Useless run at the mouth twat.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

You don't exactly mean random variable do you? Do you mean what's the difference between and the Panama Canal? One is a busy ditch...

The term 'random variable' can be misleading as it is not actually random or a variable,[2] but rather it is a mapping or a function from possible outcomes (e.g., the possible upper sides of a flipped coin such as heads

CenterPuke88 said...

75 million, eh? So the population of the U.S. is 330 million, so Ms. Lake believes that roughly 25% of the population should control the other 75%. She lifted the corner of the sheet.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Quote: Lake believes that roughly 25% of the population should control the other 75%.

Populism on the hoof. it started with the immigrant crises in the EU in 2014 and hasn't gone away since.

Our case is mostly white populism in the style of George Wallace. The current Republican house has a case of constipation of indeterminate length. Temper tantrums and all.

Ten Bears said...

Not so busy anymore, Jon, ditch is running dry. EYup: anthropogenic atmospheric disruption

It's not 'climate change' anymore, it's climate changed

How many times and how many ways must I find to dance around it: it is time to bust the bully in the nose. Not necessarily the bimbo bottle blonde bobble-head ...