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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Closing In on Teflon Don

And at least one of his attorneys may beat The TOFF to jail:

A lawyer for Donald Trump reportedly said he was “waved off” from searching the ex-president’s Mar-a-Lago office for classified documents after the feds issued a subpoena demanding their return.

Attorney Evan Corcoran told two colleagues he was barred from looking for secret documents in Trump’s personal office at the Florida resort club as he sought to respond to the subpoena, The Guardian reported Tuesday.

The new report did not say whether it was Trump himself or some other aide who told Corcoran not to search the office, or why he complied with the request.

Corcoran wound up searching only a basement storage unit and falsely telling the feds he conducted a “diligent search” of the entire property that turned up only 38 documents, a fraction of the cache of more than 100 that Trump improperly kept.

Lying to the Feds is never a good idea. Especially if they can both prove it and they feel in the mood for blood. Which they most assuredly do in this matter.

As for The TOFF, himself, he is looking at six possible charges: Keeping secret documents, stealing government records, concealing government records, obstruction of justice, criminal contempt, and (wait for it) lying to the Feds.

This is, mind you, separate from any charges related to his aborted coup or trying to rig the vote outcome in Georgia.

Stay tuned and place your popcorn orders.


BadTux said...

That false statement to the feds is enough to land him in the Martha Stewart suite at Club Fed.

I don't understand how any of these people think they could get away with what they did.

Ten Bears said...

Corcoran's allegations are a day late and a dollar short

As to The Asset, he should have skipped ...

Sarah said...

I don't expect anything to come out of ANY of the investigations into TOFF's malfeasance.
He is apparently untouchable, and becoming more so each day closer to the 2024 election.

I really hope I am wrong. But watching years of failed investigations, impeachments and indictments don't leave me very hopeful.

Paul said...

Bad Tux:

trump believed - still believes - he can get away with it because he HAD gotten away with so much other acts of fraud and criminality since the 1980s. he deems himself untouchable, and then throws a 5-year-old's hissy fit crying "it's so unfair" and accusing everyone else of breaking the law investigating him (SEE: the failed Durham probes based on trump's allegations the FBI were illegally investigating him during the 2016 campaign).

Jones, Jon Jones said...

I'm with Sarah - show me rubber on the road.

Eck! said...

How could people believe he can get away with it? Cult of TOFF,
He lies and they take him at his words.

No one applies the rule of the rich and famous
"If I did that I'd be in the slammer".


Comrade Misfit said...

Eck!, Affluenza is a real thing.

Also, I've long ago had my fill of him whining that everything is so unfair to him. He acts like he has the emotional maturity of a toddler.