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Saturday, October 1, 2022

CPAC Sides With Putin Against the West

They deleted their tweet of support, but as all should know by now, the Internet remembers:

CPAC swallows Russian propaganda whole, root and branch. If Putin claimed that Paris was historically Russian, because the Imperial Russian Army marched into it in 1814, the tools at CPAC would earnestly parrot that claim.

It really is "same shit, different war". Their intellectual ancestors in 1938 probably thought that Nazi Germany had a valid claim to the Sudentenland.

One thing is clear, if it ever wasn't: The far-Right in this country is fascist. They hate freedom, they hate liberty. They are racist, believing that they are genetically superior to everyone else. They claim to love America, but they hate everything about America that makes it strong. They are not patriots. They are the same stripe of vile excrement as the Nazis and the Ruscists. People who are CPAC members should be given materials on how to apply for a Russian passport and how to learn Russian; we should be raising money to help them to emigrate to a country more to their liking.



yellowdoggranny said...

Judas Fucking Priest..

Ten Bears said...

There just isn't gonna' be enough room at Gitmo. Invest in hemp ...

Jimmy T said...

There were Russian flags with a Trump logo making the rounds at the CPAC. In case anyone needs further proof that the GQP has ventured far down the fascist highway...

Comrade Misfit said...

To be fair, Jimmy, that incident was a fine bit of ratfucking.

JustMusing said...

Invest in Barges??

Jimmy T said...

To Comrade Misfit. Yeah I thought that too, but couldn't resist posting it. Hey, if they don't play by the rules then why should we?

Eck! said...

Them are some mighty dumb people that are willfully
going down the road to their poison koolaid.

Maybe they need to vist russia, get conscripted, and
some die in a foreign country to understand what
freedom is.


Ten Bears said...

I like that ~ barges out in the Pacific Garbage Patch ...

dan gerene said...

How soon should one think will it be before it is a fashion statement at one of their rallies to wear an armband with the party logo on it? It takes less effort than waving a sign or an Anti-American flag.

Comrade Misfit said...

Dan, you should make them and sell them. The customer list might be of use down the road.