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Monday, April 25, 2022

The Finns Get Ready

When the Finnish Reservists’ Assn. recently announced wartime defense courses for civilian women in the southern town of Haemeenlinna, the 400 slots filled almost immediately, with a waiting list of 500 more.

Topics will include shooting, cybersecurity and how to manage the first several days of an invasion from abroad.

The women aren't just learning to shoot rifles. Antitank weapons are on the agenda.

When the Finns say "an invasion from abroad, everyone knows they aren't talking about the Swedes. The article points out that while the Finns have always considered the Russians to be a potential enemy, that fact was not spoken in public. Now it is.

Finland joining NATO is not a slam-dunk. All of the NATO members have to approve, and there is at least one country in NATO that is run by a lover of All Things Putin.

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Stewart Dean said...

"So many Russians, so small a country, where will we bury them all?"
...a feast for Loviatar