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Saturday, April 9, 2022

GOP’s Playbook of Hatred and Bigotry

Alabama's Republican governor on Friday signed into law a bill passed by the legislature just a day earlier that would criminalize gender-affirming healthcare for transgender youth.

The measure makes it a felony punishable with up to 10 years in prison to provide medical care including hormone treatment, puberty blockers and surgery to help align physical characteristics to the gender identity of a minor.

Promoting hatred and bigotry in advance of an election is what Republicans and the Christian Taliban do. This time around, it's trans kids. In the 2004 elections, to whip up the support of Christian mouthbreathers, the red states now trying to outlaw trans kids were running referenum questions to amend their constitutions to prohibit gay marriage. Different year, same shit.

Gentle Reader, this is what Republicans, especially Southerners, do. It was no different when the Southerners were Democrats, before they and Nixon transformed the Party of Lincoln into the Party of Bigotry. Running on hatred, bigotry, ________phobia and fear of those people must be baked into their corrupted, blasted, evil souls.

It is no accident that it took 120 years to get an anti-lynching law enacted. It was not so long ago that those same God-fearing people, now so energized about trans kids, were proclaiming that anti-lynching laws would be an affront to Southern culture.

The playbook of hate is an old one and the same people are still using it.


Ten Bears said...

Funny, after all those years ~ one twenty (120) ~ that anti-lynching law didn't get enacted until after it was suggested a few white senators ...

They hung horse-thieves, woman-beaters

Eck! said...

THe party of have and division.

The transgender bogyman. The radical christians (small c) believe
this is a thing that needs to be persecuted. Politically its just feeding anger and often that backfires on those that seed it.

What makes me wonder is all that effort to hurt at most a few thousand
people? Based on stats there are maybe 5.5 million people in Alabama.
The occurrence rate for transgender is about 1:3000 to 1:10000 some
claim even less statistically frequent. Using the 1:3000 case that
makes for maybe 1900 people! Seriously is the hate that deep?

Oh right, it must be more contagious than covid.

Makes me ask when do they go for the rest, gays and people of color,
and how about those being treated for mental illness? What if your
religion isn't theirs? According to some that never happened
before and the people didn't go along with it as it wasn't them.

It rhymes with 'ism.


Eck! said...

They must be proud, their teenage suicide rate is 1:21.
That will get better, not!

In a state that already has a shortage of mental health workers
this may move them out of the state as they may come in contact
and reporting transgenders. FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt)
will ensue as it may be dangerous to trust health professionals
who are obligated by law to turn in people. I can see how over
time that will help their already bad mental health status.

Solution no issuance of birth certificates with designated
sex, fill it with unknown at his time.


dinthebeast said...

So let me get this straight: giving testosterone to a 12 year old trans kid is child abuse, but making a 12 year old rape victim bear the rapist's child is just ducky?
These are some twisted minds.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

Haters gotta hate.

I suppose...terrible, really, Lynching is federal crime, so.....

Like horses returning to a burning barn.

And yes,the North is hardly that much better witness the Whitmer assassination attempt....and acquital.

B said...

SO when it the age of consent?
Define that, and go from there. Can a 12 year old make life changing decisions? Sign contracts? Join the Military? Consent to sex? When is a child no longer a child and able to decide for themselves?

Do you really think that children can make these decisions?

Dark Avenger said...

B, why should the state interfere in what should be a private matter between the child, their parents/ caretakers, and suitable medical professionals?

Eck! said...


Again you miss the point. A superficial answer with nothing
behind it.

First the kid does not get consent! They may ask and request.
Its what the parents/guardians allow. That is a legal standard
for anything.

If the parents give consent the kid can marry at that age. If
the kid can meet the physical maybe even military, my brother
joined the NAVY at 16 with parents permission. As to contacts
is supported, that happens as well.

The real issue is it takes the ability of the parents to
consent to treatment. Or even pursue exploring what the
whole thing means. It also makes known science unavailable
as the doctors, nurses, therapists, and even school personnel
have to are all obligated to tell and if they assist risk jail
Further they cannot talk about as a professional.

More often than not family is a roadblock and are know to
toss the kid out early as possible. Homelessness, drugs,
and predation is a major issues that grow from that.

From all the people I know including family as well as read
to understand its not decision its an innate knowledge of
what or who you are. Its usual to have statements and
actions from early (before 5 years old) that they are
boy or girl opposite their known physical being. The
other is its persistent. As in when you get up you know
your a boy or girl and no amount of telling you otherwise
changes that. Dr John Money (JHU) tried to do the that
with David Reimer and it was a failure from day one.
They were able to physically feminise him but he never
thought himself a girl or like to do stereotypical girl

FYI the anti people use that to prove that sex reassignment
doesn't work. What left of of that statement is, IF FORCED
against the persons will and nature.

End result if forced meaning denied supportive therapy, the
child will develop per their sex and puberty. They will
still be a transgendered kid but now with what they regards
as the damage brought on by puberty. The body changes like,
voice, beard, or female developments like period, breasts.
This usually pushes them over the edge to depression, drugs,
and potentially suicide. The other part for families is cost,
after puberty is is are more difficult to correct and more
costly. Also more therapy is usually needed offset the
depression and self destructive behaviours that result.

Typical therapy is often palliative, social transition clothes,
names easily reversible things. At puberty onset drugs are
used to suppress and delay the effects. They are reversible
as well and they are used with great care. Hormones and
and then surgery are reserved as both last and deferred until
after age 18. There may be cases of before that but exceptions
are not common. IF there is a goal a median state with minimal
changes that are permanent are supported.

Its complex and all involved take it very seriously. That
is save for those that seem to have an opinion outside minding
their own business and little to no knowledge of what really

Like I said earlier, its rare as in 1 in many many thousands
(both girls and boys) and there are other things more common.


Comrade Misfit said...

It is indeed a rare condition and that the red states are so eager to stick their nib into familial decisions speaks more of hatred and bigotry than caring about the kids themselves.

B said...

Sorry, this is an agenda often pushed by others. While it used to be rare, as the agenda has been pushed forward, it has become less rare.

a 10 year old making gender assignment decision is kinda like a vegan cat....Someone else is making those decisions.

You might sell me on a 15 or 16 year old having those issues, but not pre adolescents.
And we don't let hormonal and confused kids make decision on lots of things at that age for a reason.
Remember, your side is the one that tells us that 17 and 16 year olds cannot make informed decisions about student loans, but that we should let even younger kids make decisions about their genders.
What is the agenda here?

Comrade Misfit said...

So, you’re OK with making irreversible hormonal changes on kids who don’t want them because it offends you?

Good to know. Good to also know that GOP concerns for parental autonomy only is operative when the decisions comply with party ideology.

Eck! said...


Its rare, your feeling that its contagious is farcical. You are implying
if not outright saying its "catching". That meme was started by
C. Schilling.

Your still stuck. At 10 the likely "treatment" is verification and
support not any further unless cases warrant (rare) with parental
support like paying for the psychologist. What has changed is
rather than shut up and hide, its become visible either by the
kid speaking up but usually because the parents are as well.
Sometimes its the abuse and bullying that brings it to the
media circus

But the CHILD DOES NOT make the DECISION to do something. They
are limited to saying what they believe. Adults do, medical
and other providers with the parents endorsement. Without
that they cannot, hard stop, its the way it was and has been.
The usual case is the kid survives long enough the 18th birthday
is their day to make an official actionable decision to proceed
or in far to many cases get thrown out of house.

The big deal is that those kids knew from age 4-5, sometimes earlier,
and its persistent. If not that gets a no-pass. If there are other
things going on it maybe more complex. A lot of family history gets
reviewed as well to be sure its not abuse of the more common types.
Common the beatings and verbal abuse from parents/guardians themselves.
Another is the coercive and ineffective "Reparation Therapy" That at
best makes the subject shut up and withdrawn or suicidal.

The assumption of no gatekeeping is be far the biggest lie. There
are enough roadblocks like costs to slow most to a stop unless
persistent and there are no other countering issues.

In Alabama parents can marry off a 14 year old to be a mother or
father I'd think that is a step that has a level of permanence
for a lifetime. No prohibition on that. They can also toss the
kid out of the house at about that age if they "don't measure up".

But Alabama also cut support back in 2015 for all mental illness
support and that impacted some 28,000. So they are being
consistent with hurting others though that was on a really
grander scale.

Good news is as you age cancer is a risk, we all face it, and
so far Alabama and most other states have not legislated the
treatment or lack there of beyond wreaking havoc on medicare
or medicaid. That's the risks associated when government
enters the doctors office holding hands with the insurance


B said...

"So, you’re OK with making irreversible hormonal changes on kids who don’t want them because it offends you?"

Where did you get that from what I wrote?

I am, in fact, against "Irreversible hormonal changes" until the age of majority. (Which, I must admit, seems to be mutable for Liberals when they make arguments, but let us say that it is 18 for now, ok?)

Do you really think that a bunch of 16 year olds can make that decision? That young girls won't try to follow their social peers into things which are not what they really want?

Eck! Thanks for the really good explanation. I do appreciate your trying to explain. And it really did make more sense than the hysterical bullshit other spouted. At least you are not advocating gender changing of minors by anyone, parents or otherwise.

Dark Avenger said...

Consider what is pushed on whom, B, as explained by Gore Vidal:

We're supposed to procreate and society, god knows, is ferocious on the subject. Heterosexuality is considered such a great and natural good that you have to execute people and put them in prison if they don't practice this glorious act.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, do you know anything about transgenderism? Have you done any research beyond the stuff being published in right-wing media? Do you personally know anyone who has gone through the process? Or are you just talking through your hat?

Eck! said...

So, you’re OK with making irreversible hormonal changes on kids who don’t want them because it offends you?"

B: Where did you get that from what I wrote?

Let me explain it for you....
By denying a minor at the age of puberty blockers they are destined
to change to their birth sex, that is by force. Your happy with the
result as without intervention they become men and women. At that
point some will be dealing with what they are or suffering from
dysphoria and resulting anger and depression. The usual path
from there is eating disorders, drugs, cutting, acting out, and
sometimes suicide singularly or in combination.

So you are advocating forcinge hormones and change, all very
difficult to reverse, costly, and not easily reversible.

B:I am, in fact, against "Irreversible hormonal changes" until
the age of majority. (Which, I must admit, seems to be mutable
for Liberals when they make arguments, but let us say that it
is 18 for now, ok?)

By then you have forced that change you claim to be against.
I grant its one you agree with but do not have to deal with
the aftermath of. Usual case is that happens as most parents
are not supportive. The outcomes are alienation of the family.

THe key thing is this. A kid simply cannot walk into a doctors
office and ask. First its rare they can pay, the doctors
malpractice insurance is costly, and the doctor (medical
professionals inclusive) want to see the family and get
history and much more. Assuming the family will permit it.
Even if all those hurdles are crossed the usual plan is
do no harm. That means therapy, and if warranted puberty
blockers to buy time and relive the stress of what they
see happening in the mirror. Then the long term (years)
plan may be to proceed further. Despite the wild media
they never push anything as that is unethical and may
create further problems.

To make a point...
It would be easier and more likely for a 10 year old to
walk into the neighborhood bar and ask for a setup of
several whisky straight. It would take a short moment
for that kid to be ushered to the door assuming cops
and parents weren't also called. Or they would hatch
a plan to make the kid so sick he will not do that

B:Eck! Thanks for the really good explanation. I do appreciate your trying to explain. And it really did make more sense than the hysterical bullshit other spouted. At least you are not advocating gender changing of minors by anyone, parents or otherwise.

Your reading into that your wishes and beliefs. I gave a cold explanation
of what happens and why. The reality is for the patient time in not on
their side and by majority, age 18 (most places), its really too late
and all efforts are then mitigation of the effects of proceeding on a
path of having done nothing. At that point extraordinary measures
with greater risks are typical. If you think that I believe that is
a good thing, its not. With rare cases the result is people that are
going to be on the LGBTQ spectrum regardless. For the many cases
transition usually happens later in life. Like I explained, its
persistent, meaning the desire and belief never goes away.

I have the advantage of seeing that happen at a distance and the
results were best described destructive, angry, depressed, and
unproductive. In the best cases it takes literally decade of
therapy and support, exogenous hormones and surgeries all at
high costs and more often not paid in part or fully by insurance.
Most families cannot afford that even if they are supportive.

The other side of that after enduring the transition and all that
may come with it is seeing people become all they are, happier,
and productive. This is despite abuse, persecution, and quite
violent institutionalized hate. But this year if the trend
continues somewhere over 60 or more transpeople will be killed
for simply being trans.

As one put it; your making bets on someones elses life and you don't
have a dog in the race.


Comrade Misfit said...

My take on it: A sixteen year-old kid may not be competent to decide on their own whether or not to pursue gender modification. But with the addition of loving parents, medical professionals and mental health professionals, why not? You don't just walk into a pediatrician's office and get hormone blockers or testosterone blockers and estrogens.

A sixteen-year old kid doesn't walk into a gun shop and buy a rifle, for that matter.

Transgendered kids have the highest suicide rate. That is in no small part to the hostility they encounter from all corners of society. Republican anti-trans bills and laws send an unmistakable message-- "kid, you don't matter and, in fact, we hate you."

I believe that Republicans know full well that is the message they are sending. And they don't care. Those kids are the cannon fodder, the collateral damage in the GOP's continuing attempt to whip up their Christian Taliban base. to Republicans, those kids are expendable.

The GOP is the Party of Hate.

dinthebeast said...

Republicans don't give a rat's ass about trans kids, just like they don't give a rat's ass about abortion. All they want is to rile up the idiots and get them so scared and angry that they vote for Republicans, because being irrationally scared and blind-rage angry is the only reason anyone would vote for the out-and-proud fascists that Republicans have become.

-Doug in Sugar Pine