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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Connecticut Leads the Way; Abortion Ed.

Connecticut lawmakers on Friday passed a bill designed to protect people who provide an abortion or receive support to obtain the procedure in Connecticut and are then sued in another state.
The measure would block state agencies from assisting in interstate investigations or prosecutions that would hold someone criminally or civilly liable for providing, seeking, receiving or asking about abortion services legal in Connecticut. It would bar court officers from issuing subpoenas related to legal abortion services in the state.

The bill would also limit the governor's extradition authority, meaning the governor would not be able to extradite a person who performed an abortion in Connecticut that's considered a crime in another state

At least one of the mouth-breathing states has proposed that it would be illegal for a state resident to get an abortion, anywhere, and that provision also attaches to whomever performs the abortion. Connecticut is making sure that those states can't enforce a subpoena on anyone involved in providing abortion services in the state, including anyone who assists out-of-staters. Those are provisions that a lot of Republican legislators in CT were also favoring.

Look for more blue states to enact similar laws.

This is a faint resonance of the slavery debate, except this time, there are those who are in favor of enslaving women. In Missouri, the lunatics want to condemn women who have an ectopic pregancy to death.

So, bravo Connecticut.


Jimmy T said...

Sign of the times...


Eck! said...

Seems maybe some states are trying to revisit
the Fugitive slave acts of 1850
and maybe undo the amendments post civil
war up through the 19th womans voting act.

I see uncanny parallels from former slave states.

Interesting that many parts of the population were
not "full citizens" because of many factors including
sex and color.

It would seem to me that there is a scheme to reverse
the granted freedoms.

It further seems to me of freedoms are not universal
then those that are allowed to enjoy them are just
showing privilege.