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"We have it totally under control. It's one person coming from China. It's going to be just fine." -- Donald Trump, 1/22/2020

“We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here..and isn't it refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama."
-- Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, 2/25/20

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Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Three Americans Who Killed the Largest Number of Americans

The Fatal Three are: Jefferson Davis. Robert E. Lee. Donald Trump.

Yet Trump has no regerts.

It didn't have to be this way. Not one fucking bit. Trump opted for division over leadership. Instead of mustering a national program, one that real experts had drawn up, he chose to play Culture Warrior and let the Jared Prince of Merde fuck it all up.

If there was a mistake to be made in handling an infectious pandemic, Trump made it. Other than completely burying his dead in the sand and refusing to do anything at all, it's is hard to see how Trump could have made things worse.

It didn't have to be this way.
Trump was not called to greatness. He wasn’t even called to above-average competence. He was called to implement a game-plan we’d already written with a disease control bureaucracy that was the envy of the world, the administrative infrastructure and personnel of the world’s most dominant and powerful state, and a practically bottomless well of resources. (None of our peer countries has the massive advantage of minting the world’s reserve currency.) If Trump had merely said, “Tell me what to do!,” had done it, and otherwise had stayed out of the way, I believe it’s almost certain that at least 100,000 dead Americans would now be alive.
How many people would still be alive if Trump had even marginally attempted to do his job, you might ask. This many:

In other words, about thirty-five 9-11s. Or every American who has died in combat in the last 75 years.

But just as there are still people who believe in the goodliness of Jeff Davis and Bobby Lee, there are people who can look past the awful death toll Trump has wrought and they still think he's doing a good job.

It's incomprehensible.


Constitutional Insurgent said...

And given the mental state of the Trump cult, there will be a “lost cause” myth long after he’s gone.......sweaty, beer-bellied blowhards blathering on about some “stab in the back” and how if only Trump was given his god-mandated four more years......

Eck! said...

When Iacocca said lead follow or get out of the way it was people
like drumpf he had in mind.

All trump had to do is go to the various since and medical people
in early Feb and say get me a plan and I will endorse it. Then
stand up and champion it. He could have been great, instead he
was a moribund, and morbid from the gate.


DTWND said...

Yeah, but the stock market is up, highest it's ever been. We've been getting great ratings, the numbers are way up. People say this is the best it's ever been. Many say it couldn't be better. We've done better than anyone, except for maybe Abraham Lincoln.

Say the Pissant followers.


B said...

And let us not forget that the DNC types opposed even the measures he took which you claim were not enough. Called him racist when he tried to cut off travel from China, and opposed every other measure.

You lay it all on his feet.
Yet you fail to forget that yer hero Fauci wanted even fewer measures early on. And Fauchi (and most Democrats) fought hydroxychloroquine even when it was shown to be effective (and never forget that Fauchi claimed it was useful against SARS and other similar diseases years before in a paper he co-authored).

You gonna blame Donnie for all of it? ignore the rest of the failures?
Cue the "Whatboutism!" cries in 3...2....1....

But those double standards let you HAVE standards.

Y'know, before Trump you used to be so much more insightful.

CenterPuke88 said...


1) He did NOT cut-off travel from China. He simply applied racist criteria that did shit to protect America, plus travel from Europe brought the COVID-19 epidemic into America.

2) Hydroxychloroquine is NOT effective and is, in fact, killing people.

3) The Fauci opposition has since been clarified as to allow medical facilities to get masks until production ramped up, sorry about that fact.

4) Medications effective against SARS and MERS have proven ineffective.

5) Donnie has repeated made decisions because “he knows better”, decision that have killed people. Hell, MME sales on the internet have skyrocketed...yes, that’s industrial bleach!

Comrade Misfit said...

Yes, I am blaming Trump. He’s the fucking president. Not the dems. Not Fauci. Trump.

He would get to claim the credit if he did it right. He gets the brickbats for doing it wrong.

Quit making excuses for his utter failures, B. You were a mire insightful commentator before you became a Trump apologista.

Comrade Misfit said...

“More”. Not “mire”.

Dark Avenger said...

It’ll be gone by April.

Yeah, when Fauci said that......

Oh, wait a minute...........

DTWND said...

Bullshit flag. Thrown on B, again.

There you go, citing “facts” that have no basis or have already been disproven, but hey, if you repeat it enough, it becomes true right?

Cut off travel from China? Please. Still over 8,000 Chinese came into the country after Trump ‘cut off travel from China.’ Source: AP fact check.

The White House claims it had the CDC send out tests immediately, but those tests didn’t work. And when they finally did work, testing capacity was WAY behind the need. Trumps claims he tried to get A,Mexican CDC experts into China, while omitting that he had earlier cut back on American staffing there. US intelligence agencies were issuing warnings in January about Chinese attempts to minimize the severity of the disease, and Trump did nothing.

Trump took action in March to limit travel from Europe and Asia well after the disease was brought into the New York area. Closing the barn door after the horses have left is nothing to brag about.

Hydroxychloroquine has been touted as a go to drug by your leader. Clinical trials conducted during 2020 found it ineffective and may cause dangerous side effects. Source: Journal of Critical Care - June 2020. Your claim of it being effective is an outright lie, no matter how much you wish it.

Your claim about Fauci is the standard Fox News trope. Masks? Fauci talked about the N95 masks not being used by the public because they were needed by health officials because PPE was in short supply. But he did advocate for face coverings in Late January. And now that supplies are at a higher level, Fauci said the public should wear masks whenever possible to slow the spread.
Fauci said in February that Travel restrictions would not prevent a pandemic, but that they would delay the spread. Fauci said in February that actions to mitigate the disease (such as closing schools, social distancing, etc) should be under consideration if not being implemented at this time (remember the hot spots were NYC and Washington at that time).

You keep spouting the Republican talking points, trying to discredit others, while conveniently avoiding the fact that Trump knew the seriousness of this virus in January (his own words from the Woodward tapes) and took menial action while downplaying the dangers. To say he didn’t want to cause fear and panic about the disease, while he causes fear and panic to garner votes is disingenuous at best. To over 199,000 dead Americans (source: John Hopkins website 9/20/20) it is criminal.

Bottom line, B, you are repeating lies, therefore making you a liar and an unreliable source of information.


dinthebeast said...

Imagine what it might be like right now if Fergus and McConnell had instituted a testing program as quickly as they are now trying to confirm a supreme court justice.

-Doug in Sugar PIne

Ten Bears said...

I'm not afraid to say it: Donald Trump is responsible for the deaths of well over 200,000 Americans, over half of whom needlessly and that those that died of underlying conditions died of underlying conditions is BESIDE THE POINT. It's nit-picking, not to mention chicken-shit. Trump is singlularly responsible for the deaths, discounting our own holocaust, of more Americans than anyone in the history of the whole damn country. It is deliberate, it is genocide, B, the Trump Flu. Trump Bug, Trump Plague, Trump Pandemic, Trump Genocide: he let it the door and gave it time to spread. Catch it, please.

Dark Avenger said...

‘What can you do, thought Winston, against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself; who gives your arguments a fair hearing and simply persists in his lunacy?’

Eck! said...

Heir Orange outrage failed:

He did too little,
too late,
poorly at best when he finally did something.

He didn't cut off china near early enough, the bug was on the move
when the annual Chinese New Year the end of january started. That
is how it it got to Italy and hence to NY.

By March the rest or the world was drawing on any supplies thought
to be useful. USA was being told its going away no need to worry.
He the Orange is directly responsible for 200000 deaths!

Hydroxychloroquine is not shown to be effective and its negative
side effects have been know for decades. For those that do not
tolerate it the effects are well documented.

I lay it at Drumpf's feet as he is supposed to lead not impeded.
He took an oath to protect Americans against invaders both foreign
and domestic. Drumpf failed on every count. Further I can go back
to the 2016RNC platform which has become the exact same 2020RNC
platform they adopted and if he accomplished even one of the supposed
planks it would be a bigger lie than the 22000 already told.

One last thing... the stock market is not the economy, its the place
where you play bet your money. The economy is the price of TP, Rice,
Beans and heating oil, gasoline, rent, other important things like
medicine and the big one wages. Without wages there is no commerce
and then no economy.


Glen Filthie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ten Bears said...

Have you been drinkin' again Glen?

JustMusing said...

The other thing that also sucks is Republicans gotta grift (starting with Trump and Kushner) picking the American pocket book while the country was starting to burn down from covid; https://www.npr.org/2020/04/30/848321204/how-the-cares-act-became-a-tax-break-bonanza-for-the-rich-explained

Genocide blood money that didn't go to the next of kin.

We will need a form of the "Nuremberg" trials to bring Trump and his cronies to justice. Firing squads comes to mind.

B said...

"66% reduction in risk of death as compared to controls; the analysis also suggested more substantial effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in patients with less severe COVID-19 disease"

"Treatment with hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate significantly in sick patients hospitalized with COVID-19 – and without heart-related side-effects"

You can find more studies for (and opinions but not studies) against the treatment.

As for the rest of your statements they are denials without facts to back them.

Could more have been done? Yes. Did your "expert" fail in his advice to the President? Yes.

The entire WORLD health people failed to give decent, quality advice. Likely this disease was here around Thanksgiving. Our Health folks (especially the CDC who was busy doing studies on gun violence and other non dieses issues) failed by the numbers. Trump failed as well, but he was criticized even when he DID act by the DNC folks. I find it interesting that you don't blame any of the others who failed as well.

Dark Avenger said...

I guess you know more about it than the big brains at the CDC and the NIH, B. When did you get your degree in pharmacology?

CDC has been forbidden by law to study gun violence for a long time now, B.

And let’s not forget this gem

President Trump’s April 23 musing that injections of disinfectant could help defeat the coronavirus did not do much for his reputation as a reliable arbiter of public health. What’s harder to determine is how many people—if any—took his advice and in some way ingested the toxic chemicals. The most recent bulletin from the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), which aggregates data from its state counterparts, does offer some clues, however.

For bleach, the numbers are less dramatic, but still telling. In January, February and March 2020 poisonings were up 7%, 1% and 59% respectively over each of the same months last year. In April they leapt 77%. As with disinfectants, May has similarly improved a bit, with the first ten-day period showing an increase of 51% over the same 10 days last year.

Critically, association is not causation, and with a frightened public doing whatever it can to protect itself from the virus, the same increases in poisonings might have happened regardless of Trump’s remarks. But the presidential megaphone is a powerful one, and even dangerous ideas projected through it can influence an awful lot of people.

Still, it bears repeating that no household bleaches, disinfectants or other cleaning chemicals are meant for any kind of internal use. In case of emergency, call the AAPCC’s hotline at 1-800-222-1222.


For obvious reasons, I don’t suggest anyone take the President’s advice seriously.

Face it, B, Trump was way over his head in handling the pandemic, as in sitting in the Challenger Deep way over his head. Your fealty to him is not earned, based on his dreadful performance.

“It’ll go away by April.”

Ten Bears said...

Go ahead B, it's a free country, drink fish tank cleanser, get back to us.

Headline at Raw Story this morning that what's it's face, secretary of something or the other, Alex Acor is promising "warp-speed vaccines" with a liability lawsuit waiver. What could go wrong? I'm not thinking in terms of my thirteen year old autistic grandson but a popular movie meme. If the pale green zombie gas don't get'cha the foking vaccine will.

DTWND said...

Again, B The Liar cites a reference from NCBI which claims a "66% reduction in risk of death". But upon closer inspection, the data was from one hospital with only 539 Covid patients. Not enough of a sample size to make a broad statement. For someone who claims to know how to read statistics, that's a pretty lame example. Cherry-picking at its finest.

And in the study from Henry Ford Hospitals: "“We attribute our findings that differ from other studies to early treatment, and part of a combination of interventions that were done in supportive care of patients, including careful cardiac monitoring. Our dosing also differed from other studies not showing a benefit of the drug."

There was no mention as to whether the dosing was a larger or smaller amount, and what other 'interventions' other than heart monitoring. Again, cherry-picking.

Defend your boy by making excuses. Use doctored and slanted data to 'prove' your point. Trump is a hero in your eyes. Evidence provided by Trump's own words and inactions suggest otherwise.

B, your statements cannot be trusted to be accurate. Even the one's you provided, once you read beyond the headlines, don't back your argument. Your willingness to fawn over and defend the indefensible that is Trump is amazing.


Dark Avenger said...

To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.

Theodore Roosevelt

B said...

And your willingness to condemn the actions, no matter what, make you as illogical as you claim me to be.

I only point that out because you can't be rational when it comes to Trump.
Personally, I think he, like all Presidents, makes some good choices and some bad ones. They are human, after all. You've never criticized Barry for any of his decisions. You've never praised Trump even when he has done well.

Could the Covid situation have been handed better? Yes. Did the people who advised him make mistakes? Yes. Did the DNC (and often RNC) folks oppose some of his measures? Yes. Should he have done more? Perhaps. Was the virus here well before the New Year? Likely.

One could also point to the idiocy that the DEMOCRAT governors (Michigan and New York come to mind) perpetrated by forcing nursing homes to take patients with a deadly disease and put them in with weaker, elderly people....Likely killing over 60,000 older folks....I don't see you trashing their decisions....If you used the same standards, you'd be saying that they committed murder...but you aren't. Why not?

Dark Avenger said...

Gibberish. You can’t find one issue to criticize Trump on, B, but your servility and blaming everything from anarchy to zoonosis in Democrat’s is childish and unmanly.

Comrade Misfit said...

People: Remember Rule 1 (don't be a jerk) and Rule 2.A (play nice). The comments here are crossing those lines.

I'm a couple of comments away from locking this thread.

This is your only warning.

DTWND said...

Again, more disinformation from B. Governor Cuomo in March issued an advisory that nursing homes should accept Covid patients “if they were medically able to do so”. The fact that he had to issue the directive TWO MONTHS after Trump knew about the Covid dangers and did nothing speaks to the ineptitude of the administration. But you go right ahead and spin the Republican talking points to distract from the actual issue: That your boy Trump has mishandled this pandemic from the outset and has exacerbated the death count of American citizens. There’s something for the right to hang your hats on.

The irrational one is looking back at you from the mirror. Defend, deny, deflect, contort, confuse, and distort all you want. Nearly every bit of data you provide is inaccurate, every argument you make follows the Republican/Fox News talking point, and you are unwilling to admit that Trump is responsible for many dead Americans.

Trump was slow to act correctly to combat Covid, but seems in a rush to appoint a successor to the US Supreme Court. If he had acted with such haste back in January, there’d be a lot more lives saved. But some refuse to open their eyes to the truth.


Eck! said...

Lessee misapplication, misdirection, cherry picking, middle ground is true, compositing with condflation and the list goes on. The worst is saying
the lie from the source of lies is the truth

Generally the rule is never argue with an irrational person.
Their argument is for winning in what space they wish to
dominate, rather than truth.


dinthebeast said...

Fergus is on tape admitting that he knew the gravity of the situation in fucking February. There is no argument about whether he deliberately let people die. He admitted it, and still fucking cheerleads for less response instead of more to supposedly improve his chances of reelection.
Infection rates are ticking back upward in many countries as well as here, but the overall infection rate in countries where the leadership actually tried to suppress them are far lower than the US as a whole, and New York is roughly tracking with the European countries now that they have got the caseloads down to an almost manageable level.
Apparently the virus isn't as deadly in places that want to do something about it.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Dark Avenger said...

“Our government should be entirely and purely secular. The religious views of a candidate should be kept entirely out of sight. He should not be compelled to give his opinion as to the inspiration of the bible, the propriety of infant baptism, or the immaculate conception. All these things are private and personal. The people ought to be wise enough to select as their officers men who know something of political affairs, who comprehend the present greatness, and clearly perceive the future grandeur of our country. If we were in a storm at sea, with deck wave-washed and masts strained and bent with storm, and it was necessary to reef the top sail, we certainly would not ask the brave sailor who volunteered to go aloft, what his opinion was on the five points of Calvinism. Our government has nothing to do with religion. It is neither christian nor pagan; it is secular. But as long as the people persist in voting for or against men on account of their religious views, just so long will hypocrisy hold place and power. (Ed)Just so long will the candidates crawl in the dust—hide their opinions, flatter those with whom they differ, pretend to agree with those whom they despise; and just so long will honest men be trampled under foot.“

Col. Robert Ingersoll

On Some Mistakes of Moses