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-- Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, 2/25/20

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Monday, September 28, 2020

A Reasonably Safe Bet (Updated)

Each and every Secret Service agent pays more income taxes than does Donald Trump.

So do the cooks, butlers, maids, janitors, gate guards, secretaries, groundskeepers, every one of them.


seafury said...

And your point is? Of course the presnident doesn't pay taxes. HE'S TOO SMART!!!! As one of the faithful pointed out " look who
wrote the tax code. THE CLINTON'S and OBAMA!!!) Whether it was Michelle or Barack they don't say. But this president is too friggin smart to pay taxes. And neither will we after he's reelected. No more socialistic "security" or commie Medicare.!!! And it'll drive the libs crazy!!!!!. ( channeling my inner trumpanzee)

Ten Bears said...

I paid more taxes than drumpf uck in the past ten years, and I'm homeless.

Yes, some people do want to see it all burn.

w3ski said...

Isn't Tax evasion how the Feds got Al Capone? I know, Big Al was a Pro, unlike Donny, but it would be fitting if tax fraud is how we finally get rid of him.
Can a sitting President be prosecuted for Tax Fraud?

DTWND said...

Seafury, that argument is a spot on impersonation. I live around some of these zombies, even have a couple of nephews like that. Thanks for the laugh.


dinthebeast said...

I paid more than $750 every year I paid federal income taxes and I never made more than $12.50/hr.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Tod Germanica said...

Seafury, yes, you nailed it. These people are deplorable. It's not trump, cons gotta con, it's that 39% of your (white)* neighbors, coworkers, bowling teammates and church fellowship pals have always been and remain racist as all fuck confederate mouth breathing cousin fucking traitorous and corrupt psychos. And, lets say it, Nazi. Trump is the symptom.

*depending on your geographic location, socioeconomic class, religious affiliation if any, and other factors.

DTWND said...

And the Republicans allowed the $600 pandemic relief to lapse at the end of July. Trump, according to the New York Times story, has not paid taxes the last three years.
1. He has not contributed to the national infrastructure.
2. He has not contributed to the national defense. (Not surprisingly, he thinks they’re losers and suckers)
3. He has not contributed to Medicare.
4. He has not contributed to national parks.
5. He has not contributed to education, housing, energy or veterans.
6. He has not contributed to agriculture, science, homeland security, or international affairs.
7. He has not contributed to the welfare of the country, but is willing to take away healthcare of 20 million Americans.

He’s bankrupted a casino, for Christ sake. Been bankrupt four times. Some businessman, huh? He was born on third base and claims to have hit a triple. He is weakening the US internationally and ruining the country financially. But the zombie right will follow along blindly, making excuse after excuse. Or arguing what-about-isms. Or by redirecting the discussion. Or by simply remaining silent like the cowards they are.


Dark Avenger said...