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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

The latest variant of the 747, the -8F:


Fifty years of production isn't nothing.


seafury said...

Can't beat Boeing's magnificent 18 wheeler. Almost as many variants as the Learjet. Got a ride on a Trans America -200 troop charter in the mid 80's. The crew was a hoot. The "stews" walked down the aisles and threw us sandwiches and chips handed us our cokes. We got to wander around and I found my way upstairs where the jefes were sitting. Had to talk to the Sargeant Major and he was holding court in the upper deck. Cockpit door was open and I asked if I could take a look. The captain was wearing a Hawaiian shirt "said take a seat" he got up and offered me the captains chair. "Just ask before you touch anything" man I was captain of the Queen Mary for 10 minutes! I didn't know it then, but Trans America was on its last lap. You wouldn't have known it from the crew who treated us like kings. Lost all my pictures from that time from a basement flood, but what great memories. Stewardess's sitting on our laps, made us feel like we were the stars. Contrast that to today. I think there were something like 350 of us onboard and the seats were comfy! The smoking section was in the rear, and since I didn't smoke I got a seat just ahead of the wing. I never wanted that flight to end.

Old NFO said...

Amazing birds. One of my flight engineers from the Navy is now a 747-800 captain for Kaletta flying cargo. He loves the bird!