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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Right-Wing Crybabies

These putzim think that if Trump loses, it will result in a second civil war.

They are a bunch of whiny spoiled brats, much like Trump. The process is only fair if they win. Elections are only fair if they win. Court cases are only fair if they win.

They are toddlers with guns. They are traitors to the Constitution.


CenterPuke88 said...

“Mark Villalta said he had been stockpiling firearms, in case Mr. Trump’s re-election is not successful.

“Nothing less than a civil war would happen,” Mr. Villalta said, his right hand reaching for a holstered handgun. “I don’t believe in violence, but I’ll do what I got to do.””

Impressively stupid. They can’t find enough women willing to have babies with them so they’ll try to kill the other side? IDK.

dinthebeast said...

I seem to remember the last civil war going badly for them, but their propaganda tells them that no liberals are armed or know how to shoot.
Which is one reason propaganda is dangerous.

-Doug in Oakland

Ten Bears said...

That whole "liberals can't shoot" schtick... I like to keep quiet about.

The sound you don't hear is me jackin' a round into my well-oiled AR.
(for snakes. we got all kinds of snakes out here. big, little...)

Reminds me of back in the day when the kids and I had the little ranch up in Montana, and a bunch of yahoos down the road a ways declared themselves 'armed and dangerous', gonna' overthrow the goobermint. Just like magic there's Feds and the Army with tanks and APCs and helos overhead and I'm like "well, no, officer, I'm just an old hippy logger tryin' to raise four kids alone, you want see my garden! I'd be happy to show it to you." Someone actually wrote a song about that, sort of, about just sittin' there on a sack of seeds.

Ahm not worried about these bozos.

B said...

"Elections are only fair if they win."

Bit of the pot and the kettle there, looking back at the past 3 years.

CenterPuke88 said...

Tell me, please, B., who has been advocating the overthrow of the Government by force? Who, before that election, said if I lose it’s fraud? Who are the people declaring they will wage civil war if they lose?

The answer, my friend, is growing in the fertile bullshit Donnie spouts.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, please point to where I have advocated for taking up arms because Trump won.

(Do I question the legitimacy of his win? Between the Russians and Comey, damned straight.)

B said...

I never said you had advocated "Taking up arms".

But the rest applies.

And it isn't like your side is failing to do everything they can to damage him. Even though he won as fairly and squarely as Barry did. Probably moreso.

Y'all did the same with Bush's win, IIRC. Tried to claim it was illegitimate as soon as it happened. Remember Florida? "Recount 'em again, Bush still won....Keep counting until he lost!"

So yeah, Pot and Kettle.

Let us not forget the DNC types promised to impeach him even before he was sworn in.

dinthebeast said...

B: Bush was installed in the white house after the vote count in Broward county was stopped by a bunch of Republican thugs who knew that the county skewed Democrat, so spare me the revisionism of Republican crimes please.

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

Mitch McConnell - “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

Newt Gingrich - Instructed Republicans to use words such as “betray, bizarre, decay, destroy, devour, greed, lie, pathetic, radical, selfish, shame, sick, steal, and traitors” about Democrats.

So, let’s talk about who is doing what eh?

B said...

CP: And you accuse me of "Whataboutism:?

Comrade Misfit said...

"Even though he won as fairly and squarely as Barry did. Probably moreso."

Oh, puleeze. Obama won by a majority of the popular vote (52.9% in 2008, 51.1% in 2012).

Facts; things; stubborn.

Besides that, Obama didn't have a hostile foreign government trying to put its thumb on the scales. Unlike, say, your guy.

So maybe you want to address, also, why Republicans are so adverse to measures to ensure electoral security? I think it's because they know that Russian meddling benefits them, so as long as the GOP makes out on it, they'll tolerate it.

They are the Party of Treason.

CenterPuke88 said...

No, B., you suggested that D’s We’re acting like the R’s in the last Administration...I’m showing it goes further back. We have plenty of examples...Nixon, anyone? I’m just showing you that your pot is pretty dirty, laddie.

Ten Bears said...

Nice hole you've dug, what'r you gonna' do with it? LOL

B said...

And where are the most incidents of election fraud?
(Hint: think the color blue)

You keep claiming that "The Russians" are undermining our election process. Please give me something more than the DNC story. Proof would be nice. Not innuendo, proof. We have evidence of DNC fraud in large cities. We have Barry ordering the IRS to go after conservative groups before his re-election. All we have is innuendo that "The Russians" have done something. Not any evidence of one single vote being changed or miscounted. Unlike the DNC fraud in many large cities. Funny how those "Irregularities" all fall one way, innit?

Facts are stubborn things, as you say.

CP: I never said our side was clean, I simply said your side wasn't. A fact of which you either are unaware of or are trying to gloss over.

DTWND said...


Where are your facts of election fraud, proof as you claim? And please don't cite the Heritage Foundation. That group is a known shill for the Republican/conservative agenda.

A simple search of the internet has shown 'reports' by the Heritage gang claiming voter fraud numbering in the hundreds, while other, more diverse sites state the number of incidents is significantly less than that. The Brennan Center from the NYU School of Law (the third entry on a google search) claims: "... that had been meticulously studied for voter fraud, and found incident rates between 0.00004 percent and 0.0009 percent."

As far as Russian Interference in our elections, the FBI and NSA both have stated that interference in the 2016 election has been traced back to Russian sources. But since those 'facts' don't agree with your pre-conceived viewpoint, those agencies are obviously corrupt.

It is hilarious how many times you take the contrary side to any comment made against the Republicans, conservatives, Trump, etc. And when it is pointed out that your position is in jeopardy, you move the goal posts. Case in point, this thread.

Original theme of this thread: Republicans/Conservatives getting ready to fight if the vote doesn't go their way.
Your take: Dems/Liberals acting the same (pot-kettle comment)

Asked to show where the overthrow of the government is advocated by the left.
Goal post moved: "I never said you advocated taking up arms." Then you bring up Bush /Florida.

Next, it is demonstrated that the R's halted the recount and practiced obstructionism of an elected President.
Your take: It's 'what-about-ism'.

Finally Ms. Fit argues the point of popular vote percentages to counter your claim of Trump 'winning' the election.
Your Take: Move the goal posts again, this time to election fraud. (oh, and you want proof)

As Ten Bears said, Nice hole you've dug.
A wise man once said, if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.


Comrade Misfit said...

Let's end this for 2019.