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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Donnie No-Class Rides Again (Plus, Mayor McBig Gulp)

Trump at the Army-Navy Game, where he tossed the coin:

At a nonpolitical event, where he is acting as CinC, he's got to wear his stupid grifter hat.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg is leveraging his purported charitable foundation for his presidency:
As Mr. Bloomberg traverses the country as a presidential candidate, he is drawing on a vast network of city leaders whom he has funded as a philanthropist or advised as an elder statesman of municipal politics. Bloomberg Philanthropies, which has assets totaling $9 billion, has supported 196 different cities with grants, technical assistance and education programs worth a combined $350 million. Now, leaders in some of those cities are forming the spine of Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign: He has been endorsed so far by eight mayors — from larger cities like San Jose, Calif., and Louisville, Ky., and smaller ones like Gary, Ind., representing a total of more than 2.6 million Americans.
They laughably attempt to claim that there is no shit no linkage between Bloomberg's philanthropy and his campaign:
Now, some of the same people who aided these mayors from Mr. Bloomberg’s foundation are the ones asking for their political support. Mr. Anderson, who several mayors described as the most vital point of contact at Bloomberg Philanthropies, is now directing the campaign’s “Mayors for Mike” coalition. He and Patricia E. Harris, the foundation’s longtime chief executive, have both moved over to the campaign, changing email addresses and phone numbers but not their relationships with mayors and other leaders.

Mr. Williams, the Huntington mayor, recalled a phone call from Mr. Anderson, “wanting to have a separate conversation from the foundation, asking, ‘Can we switch gears?’” he said.

“He has a separate telephone number from where it was before. He emails me to my personal email address. It’s always very clear. Personal number. Campaign number,” Mr. Williams said. “They understand the lines of demarcation.”
Those "lines of demarcation" are about as strong and well-marked as the border between the Trump's campaign and his business dealings. I'll bet that there isn't a single mayoral beneficiary of Mikey's charity money who believes that the money will keep coming if they stiff-arm his campaign.

If the choice next year is between these two wannabee autocrats, the loser will be America as a republic.


CenterPuke88 said...

Is there really any hope of retaining the Republic? Has not the Rubicon been crossed and the Age of Empire entered? I will say that America’s time as an Empire will not threaten that of any of the Historical Empires we think of. The sale of access and privilege that started in earnest under Regan has born a bitter fruit. I fear that those who still believe lack the willingness to cauterize the wound in the necessary manner, and thus will helplessly observe the Republic perish, rather than make the necessary stand...and thus the wheel of history turns once again, crushing multitudes beneath its grinding maw.

And that’s what you get for listening to Rush while mulling over Donnie...

“And the men who hold high places
Must be the ones who start
To mold a new reality
Closer to the heart...”

Ed said...


Comrade Misfit said...

Gee, Ed, I guess you've forgotten about all of those Teabaggers on your side, who were parading around with rifles and threatening armed revolution.

Don't worry. We haven't.

Mike R said...

Comrade give ed a break, most of the tea baggers and right wingers have shorter memory spans than a gold fish, bless their little hearts. The thing about Trump still being the president is they too will have to live with the results of his incompetence and republican philosophy, which is basically more money for us and fuck you. Ed just doesn't understand he is not in the club. Probably won't ever figure it out, as long as he can look down on somebody he will be fine roasting his sparrow on a curtain rod.

DTWND said...

Madame Comrade,

Not only Ed, but others on your blog roll extolling the virtues of the right wing philosophy, also boast of an armed revolution/resistance. Big, brave, keyboard warriors. Those are the ones who will run first.

My grandfather once told me it's the quiet ones you have to worry about.


pigpen51 said...


I know that it seems as if those on the right are all birds of a feather, but don't make the mistake that the loons who boast of an armed resistance are the ones who are going to be willing to defend their homes, if the need arises. Most of the conservatives that I know, have no interest in another shot at a civil war. They just want to be left alone, to raise their families, and to go about their business free from government interference, contrary to the constitution. Pretty much the same as liberal people, as far as I can tell.
The extremes on both sides have managed to pull some people from the fringes towards themselves, but not as many as one might think. I still have hope that our country can survive just about anything, because of our people.
Many are probably too young, but I was around when Dick Nixon was president, and he not only was just as dangerous as Trump, but in some ways even worse. Because unlike Trump, who doesn't know politics, and just does things that are dangerous because he is an amateur, Nixon did devious and dangerous things, knowing exactly what he was doing, and the ramifications of them.
Part of the problem is that the Democrats are weak. They can impeach Trump all they want, but the truth is, it is going nowhere. The Senate is controlled by the Republicans, and they are finally determined that they are going to back Trump, and so a vote to sustain an impeachment is just not happening. And the Democrats do not have anyone running for president who can beat Trump in 2020, as long as the economy remains solid.
Typically, a sitting president is almost impossible to unseat, if the economy is going good. And with the NAFTA replacement being signed soon, that will make many blue collar workers happy.
The truth is, no matter who wins the presidential election, there will be the possibility of violence. If Trump wins, the extreme left will be angry, and if the Democrat candidate wins, then the loony right wingers will be angry. And Trump is too stupid to try and cool down the tone of anger in the country right now. But then, to be fair, Barack Obama did nothing to stop the anger when he was president, either.
No matter what happens, there will be some interesting times ahead. I hope that the high school kids are paying attention. This will be their history, and they need to learn from it.

Tod Germanica said...

With trump's attacks on the FBI, CIA, and the military even before his election it sure looked like Russia was running trump. His secret tax returns were another treason tell, it's going to be all Putin bankers giving trump millions in 'loans' that somehow never have to be paid back.
And how much of that Russian money stuck to Pence? We know Rohrbacker and Ryan got Putin money. We know Moscow Mitch got the aluminum plant in KY in exchange for helping Russia fuck with the 2020 election for trump.
Pompeo was in on the Ukraine extortion along with Pence right from the start. The whole cabinet is working for Russia and that sweet sweet NRA/Russian money.
The slavish lapdog Senate is also pretty sure to find trump pure as the driven slush. It looks like Putin's agent, as Russian TV called him today after the picture of Lavarov standing behind the throne came out, will remain in power and controlled by our nation's enemy.
Let's hope the military and intelligence agencies know enough to tell potus only disinformation. Because Putin will know it instantly.
I wonder how the United Federated Republican Party will spin all that Russian money in trump's business tax returns.
Oh, yea, "they all do it".
And whatabout...whatabout...
And "but her emails".
Some things never change.

CenterPuke88 said...

Once Donnie leaves office, assuming he does, the trickle of facts will continue, and perhaps increase. The chances of all this stuff remaining quiet and covered up is nil because of the number of people involved. Think about previous coverups and schemes, the facts come out, people spill, documents appear, etc. The data might flow from Russia, whose interest would be in weakening people’s trust of their leaders, and that might be served by revealing exactly who was on their payroll and for how much. It could come from new occupants of Offices, finding stuff not quite covered up right, perhaps from a discarded file cabinet or computer files, who knows.

When that happens, the Republican Party, as we know it, will reap the whirlwind. It will either be burned to the ground or completely overhauled with new principals and a different ethos. As the extend of the corruption and venality among the party are revealed, expect a huge backlash. I remember the Democratic majority forever in the 70’s and 80’s...and then the banking and post office scandals hit the House, and suddenly that evaporated. That scandal involved players from both sides of the aisle, this one will be focused in the Executive, and on one side only.

There will either be a huge reckoning, or the U.S. will have ceased to function as a marginal Representative Democracy and effectively changed to a fully functioning Kleptocracy.