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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

A Lear 25:


Old NFO said...

Yep,l 6000FPM can get you up quickly, IF departure control lets one go for it... Fond memories of the ER-2/U-2 departures out of Moffett Field, 18000 feet by the end of the 8000 foot runway. Roughly 80+ degree departure angles... LOL

seafury said...

Straight pipe lears are still impressive.

DTWND said...

While working at ZHU in the 80’s, there was an air show at Kelly AFB. With coordination, a block of airspace above the airport went up to FL240 so that the U2 flyover could zoom upwards and give the spectators a show. The ARTCC radar sweeps every 12 seconds. I saw the U2 altitude display at 3000, lost it for 2 sweeps, and regained it at FL240. Needles to say, I was impressed.

ATC at ZHU and D21 (ret.)