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Monday, July 8, 2019

"Because I'm Rich, I'll Make a Great President"

Now comes the Democratic version of Donald Trump:
The billionaire investor Tom Steyer, who in the past decade has been both the top Democratic donor in the country and the prime engine for pushing for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, appears ready to become Democratic candidate No. 26. Last week in San Francisco, Steyer told staffers at two progressive organizations he funds, Need to Impeach and NextGen America, that he is launching a 2020 campaign, and that he plans to make the formal announcement this Tuesday.
I think that one time that buying the con job of "I'm a rich guy, surely I can run the government" is quite enough, thank you.

No only no, but fuck no. Hard no. Steyer needs to go back to what hedge-fund guys do: Tear up the fabric of American manufacturing for fun and profit.

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dinthebeast said...

Driftglass seems to think he could have gotten more real-world effect from the piles of cash he set on fire in his doomed quest at impeachment if he had instead invested them in smaller liberal media outlets that need resources to compete with the well funded propaganda machines that prop up Republicans.

-Doug in Oakland