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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Change of Pace

Instead of writing about El Jefe de Mar-a-Lago's corruption of the Fourth of July or the fact that he has to use paid foreign models to stand in for his supporters, let's look at something a little different.

LAPD gear in the 1970s:

Here is a better photo of the gear:

The revolver, a S&W Model 67, has a barrel that is significantly heavier than the standard barrel. I've been told that the LAPD armorers were well versed in doing barrel work on S&W revolvers. When the LAPD moved from 6" Model 14s to 4" Model 15s in the late 1960s (a change you can see if you watch old episodes of Adam-12), a lot of those Model 14s had barrels that were shortened to 4" by the department armorers.

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New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Imagine a police force with skilled armorers today! That kind of skill. But that's expensive. Better to have merely competent armorers, (and fewer), and subcontract back to Glock for serious work. Or replacement pistols. A department could save a lotta money that way, so it makes sense.