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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Shorter Trump: Cruelty Isn't a Bug, It's a Feature

President Trump said on Wednesday that migrants were “living far better” in Border Patrol detention centers than in their home countries, one day after his own administration reported that children in some facilities were denied hot meals or showers, and that cells were so crowded that migrants begged to be freed.
Trump has made it obvious: The cruelty on public display has been encouraged by Trump and his Chief Brownshirt Stephen Miller.

Trump sucks up to dictators, jokes about killing reporters, gives short shrift to our allies, and does everything he can do to stomp on minorities of all types. Trump is a wannabee dictator, a fascist.

The truly sad thing about this country is the tens of millions of people who are fine with that. The wealthy have always hated democracy, there's no surprise that. But what is surprising is that most people would seem to have a stake in a nation that follows the rule of law and treats people with fairness and respect.

But they don't.

On this Fourth of July, I will say this: If you support Trump, you have no business taking any pride in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. You have no moral right to take pride in the American Experiment. You are no patriot.

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