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Monday, July 8, 2019

Trump's Concentration Camps

Since the Border Patrol opened its station in Clint, Tex., in 2013, it was a fixture in this West Texas farm town. Separated from the surrounding cotton fields and cattle pastures by a razor-wire fence, the station stood on the town’s main road, near a feed store, the Good News Apostolic Church and La Indita Tortillería. Most people around Clint had little idea of what went on inside. Agents came and went in pickup trucks; buses pulled into the gates with the occasional load of children apprehended at the border, four miles south.

But inside the secretive site that is now on the front lines of the southwest border crisis, the men and women who work there were grappling with the stuff of nightmares.

Outbreaks of scabies, shingles and chickenpox were spreading among the hundreds of children who were being held in cramped cells, agents said. The stench of the children’s dirty clothing was so strong it spread to the agents’ own clothing — people in town would scrunch their noses when they left work. The children cried constantly. One girl seemed likely enough to try to kill herself that the agents made her sleep on a cot in front of them, so they could watch her as they were processing new arrivals.
The stench of people who are not allowed to clean themselves is so bad that it permeates the guards' clothing.

The lead villain is a Border Patrol sector chief[1] named Aaron Hull. Hull seems to be one of the people who, arguably, deliberately engineered the overcrowding at Clint and other facilities. To Hull, as wll as Trump and Miller, cruelty and degradation are part of their plan.
[1] Gruppenfuhrer?


B said...

"Mr. Moak in the end stated that Clint was in compliance with standards."

Comrade Misfit said...

That's proof of nothing.

Jim in Monroe said...

What is the plan of which you speak? And isn't Congress more to blame.

Shut down the border.

Comrade Misfit said...

"Shut down the border"... Really? With the high volume of trade between both countries, how's that going to work out?

Nangleator said...

You have to dehumanize the victims in the eyes of the thugs if you want the thugs to murder the victims, when it becomes safe enough to order it. When you have enough citizens brainwashed to only shout bumper sticker slogans in support of your crimes against humanity, you are well on your way to starting up your genocide machine.

Jim in Monroe said...

I'd rather give up the trade and shut the border than have 'thugs' dehumanize 'victims'. But then, I must be in support of crimes against humanity. sheesh.

If every ice agent is a thug, every democrat is a communist.

And I'll ask one more time - What is the plan of which you speak? And isn't Congress more to blame.

No need to answer. I'm busy starting up the genocide machine. Again, sheesh.

Nangleator said...

"And isn't Congress more to blame." No. You don't seem to understand that extortion isn't the fault of the person that won't reward the extortionist.

I'm not actually in a position to judge who is a thug... but there are thugs at work here, otherwise these conditions wouldn't exist. I am no longer interested in any politician that isn't dedicated to closing the concentration camps and investigating the crimes against humanity going on right now.

dinthebeast said...

As I recall, it was the Republicans who torpedoed immigration reform, so no, not "congress" but "Republicans".

-Doug in Oakland

Jim in Monroe said...

Concentration camps, extortion. I think I've also seen here Nazis, and more. Your faux outrage is duly noted.

What year did republicans torpedo immigration reform?

And for the record, dems and repubs are the uni-party. They don't care about anyone except themselves.

But keep at it. orange man bad. He'll be going down soon. just watch.

Dark Avenger said...


On Sunday's State of the Union with Jake Tapper program, former Utah congresswoman Mia Love said the biggest thing standing in the way of a deal to re-open the government is Republican infighting over immigration.

"Not being able to get immigration reform through was part of the Republican party. We have a really hard time getting a fraction of the party moving in that direction," said Love. "Sometimes they torpedo their own."