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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Trump Bangs Another Racist Uey

President Donald Trump has reversed his previous criticisms of a North Carolina campaign crowd that chanted “send her back” about a Somali-born congresswoman.

Trump on Friday defended the rally-goers as “patriots” while again questioning the loyalty of four Democratic lawmakers of color. His comments marked a return to a pattern that has become familiar during controversies of his own making: ignite a firestorm, backtrack, then strongly reaffirm his original, inflammatory position.
Because chanting racist rhetoric is so patriotic, I guess. This is what Trump does: He says something hateful, often racist, and then he listens to Ivanka and some professional politicians, so he walks it back. But he can't avoid drinking Racist-Cola, so Trump goes right back to what he said the first time.

The Defenders of All Things Trump are achieving new heights of ridiculousness. Two clowns in particular argue that the dictionary is racist.

Funny thing: Disagree with a Republican president and the Right yells "love it or leave it" to everyone and to minorities "go back where you came from." But those very same people have no problem with disagreeing with a Democratic president and threatening violent revolution.

If "love it or leave it" is a valid argument, then why didn't Trump get on his gaudy jet and go back to Bavaria?[1]

Trump has been crystal clear that he won't even pretend to be concerned with those Americans who are neither white nor filthy rich. He should not be accorded the title of "Mr. President" by anyone who is not in those groups.
[1] His older kids could go back to the Czech Republic (where their mother was on the non-existent Czechoslovakian Olympic Ski Team).


re the paragon said...

CM, could you check on B? He hasn't shown up with something about both sides, with maybe a few complaints about statements Rev. Wright. I'm afraid something happened to him.

B said...

Nope I'm here. Just ain't gonna bother with you and your type. Ain't got the energy right b=now.

Thanks for trying though. Nice to know you care.

Glen Filthie said...

Discriminating against idiots is as legal as church on Sunday, and actually something most rational adults should do - as the Donks are proving in spades. Those dim bulbs are advocating policies are un-American, and have turned other countries into dumps.

You, like most leftists, are missing the bigger picture here too. Stupid, nasty women cannot be allowed near the levers of power because if they have their way - they will do exactly what they are doing to the democrats - ie, running them into the dirt. I personally believe that women are fascists and socialists by nature - which is why the founding fathers forbade them positions of authority in gov't. Judging from those four clowns... it was an excellent call.

Comrade Misfit said...

You, Mr. Filthie, are a misogynistic (and possibly incel) piece of trash.

Beside that, your comment is a blatant violation of Rules 2.A and 2.I.

Yellow card. Future comments along those lines will be deleted.

(Anyway, if that is an example of your side's best argument, see the results of the 2018 elections.)