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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Your Sunday Morning Big Prop Noise

Flying the Bushmaster:


Sarah said...

There used to be a Bushmaster based near by - a big blue one. Used to visit the gliderport having no trouble with a 2000' grass runway. I didn't know there were only two of them built. Now, I guess, that's the only one left. The one in the video looked familiar - sadly, it's no longer flying. Apparently it's even less controllable with gust locks in place

CenterPuke88 said...

Jesus, what a video on that link, Sarah! One of the best possible examples of why so many small plane accidents have people walk away...fly slow and you have a chance of crashing slow.

Unknown said...

How many bushmasters were built? I know of one that was based in Kansas, and one that crashed at a flyin in California, (memory escapes me where), but what a cool video. Always enjoy anything Barry Schiff does, He's a retired TWA captain, that has written columns in a lot of flying magazines.

MarkS said...

You should feature the AN-2. A great bush plane from the Russians, who know a thing or 2 about bush flying. There's a good video on Youtube of a Polish pilot really wringing one out at an airshow

rdale said...

The Ju-52 was made of corrugated aluminum. Replying to Sarah's comment about how the Bushmaster crashed because the pilot failed to remove a strap from the elevator to the rudder, the same thing happed to the first B-17 prototype, the Boeing Model 299. The pilot, Captain Plover Hill, took off and the airplane climbed until it stalled and crashed, killing him and everyone on board. Later it was found that a rod holding the elevator in place was not removed. Hill AFB in Utah was named after him.

Unknown said...

The Bushmaster crash was at KFUL Fullerton, CA in 2004. It was not an airshow but the annual Airport Appreciation Day. The pilot forgot the gust lock (inadequate pre-flight.)

I believe it was that aircraft which I had seen, walked-around, talked with the pilot several years before at KPRB Paso Robles, CA. I've also flown near it, and at other times watched it in flight from the ground.

I think a C-150 could fly circles around it. ;)


seafury said...

test comment seeing if i got my callsign back on here

seafury said...

success! I second the call for a video about the AN-2. there is a derelict Sitting at the Kenosha WI (airport code ENW) Been there for probably 20 years.

CenterPuke88 said...

Made me look back as a swore I remembered the AN-2 getting pub here, but all I saw was the recent Po-2 vids...must be getting old and forgetful.