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Sunday, May 19, 2019

If You Are Pregnant, Planning to Become Pregnant, or Could Become Pregnant Someday.....

..... and if you live in one of the states that is criminalizing abortion, I have a quick bit of advice to you:

Leave. Move to another state. Do it now.

If your boyfriend or husband doesn't want to move, then dump his ass and go.

For you are at risk of incarceration. If you become pregnant and have a miscarriage, all a prosecutor has to do is convince a low-wattage jury that you did something wrong and you'll be sent to prison for second degree murder.

Up to one in four pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Most every woman I know who now has children had one or more miscarriages. It's devastating enough, every mother-to-be I personally know mourned their miscarriages as the loss of a child. But to then have the cops go tromping around and some Christian Talibanista of a prosecutor attempt to prosecute them? That's outrageous.

Did you have a couple of drinks one night? The state could try and argue that there's a link between that and a subsequent miscarriage. Or they could charge you with child endangerment.

In the case of Georgia and some of those other Cult of the Fetus states, once you leave, never go back. Not even for a visit. Don't even change planes at Atlanta.

The striking thing about the Christian Taliban Fetus Cultists is that they show absolutely zero concern for the child other than criminalizing being a mother. I don't know of any of them that are doing anything to promote prenatal health. There's no move to expand the availability of prenatal care. There is zero support for anything to do with the child or the mother from conception to post-birth that doesn't involve incarceration.

Oh, they say that they are "pro-life". But where are their works to actually help people? Help mothers with child-care? Nope. Do anything to make pediatric care available to poor people or to rural areas where the hospitals have closed? Not going to happen. Support education so that the kids may have a future? Dream on. They stopped supporting things like that when black kids became legally entitled to use them.

The Talibanistas are moralists; the only tool they know is the stick.


CenterPuke88 said...

Note that same cultists that move to criminalize abortion are also busy reducing or removing access to birth control. It makes me wonder, since the white population is growing at the slowest rate, are these geniuses figuring this will increase the white birth rate? If not, is it the believe that they will retain control in a majority minority ‘Merica, and this increased birth rate for minorities will provide bountiful cheap labor?

Until “konservative” women wake to the fact they are being played by the right wing, the power of women will be abridged.

dinthebeast said...

Blue Gal on the podcast yesterday said she'd like to thank the state legislatures of Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, and Ohio for radicalizing white women ahead of the 2020 election, but I advised her not to count those chickens too soon, as they've burned us (and themselves) before.

My friend Sara, who lives in Huntsville, said she's gonna wait to see what happens in the court challenges, but if the law, or anything like it stands, she's leaving.

This is establishment of religion, full stop.

And I don't know if this is true or not, but yesterday on Twitter I read that it's not altogether accurate to compare the Christian right with the Taliban because sharia doesn't ban abortions.

And again, if the Republicans want to avoid another massive backlash from women like the one that trounced them in last year's election, perhaps trying to turn the country into "The Handmaid's Tale" isn't the best way to do so.

But I guess we'll see, because they're on a mission this time and don't seem likely to stop until they either get their misogynistic theocracy or get voted into oblivion trying. I know how I'm going to vote.

-Doug in Oakland

Eck! said...

This is an example of law that makes the impoverished or those struggling to make
ends meet and push them down further. I'd bet a penny there is racial bias as well.

States with the strongest anti-abortion laws have:
Highest rates of infant and prenatal mortality due to lack of care.
They makes getting the care to prevent that out of reach or unfunded.
They make birth control poorly funded or prohibit it from insurance funding.

The solution to controlling people is to make them criminals as then you can
coerce, convict, and control them, the then criminals are treated to
reduced rights.

Its is a pernicious evil under the guise of moral behavior. It has a
name too.


CenterPuke88 said...

I would suggest we retain concern for 2020 because if the courts initially rule and strike down, the less hardcore protestors will call it a win and stay home or vote lazily...beware...

Nangleator said...

Craziest thing about this is that it's establishment of a religion that ISN'T Christianity. The Bible is fucking clear on the start of life. Anyone pretending to be Christian and against abortion is a fucking apostate, making up their own religion as they go.