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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Bangity on Steel, a Virgin No More

I recently shot a .22 steel plate "man on man" match, the first steel match I'd ever shot.

This is what the rack looks like:

The plates were colored black, except the far-right plate, which was colored red and was the stop plate. Shoot the red one before getting all the others and you foul out.

I shot this gun, a 6" S&W Model 17:

It was a little difficult, as I was the only revolver shooter up against guys with various 10-round .22 autoloaders. And, of course, if I missed a plate, I had to reload.

But I did prevail in a few stages because either I kept it slow and the other guy emptied his magazine without clearing the plates or the other guy had problems. Even with reloading, I won two stages. .22 autos can be fickle. I had one plate left after shooting six, saw that the other guy wasn't finished, reloaded one round and beat him by a half-second or so. That happened twice. But with a miss or two and low capacity, I eventually got knocked out.

But hey, I won both revolver and female classes (by default). And it was a lot of fun!


w3ski said...

Bravo on your plate shooting.
I learned to shoot with clay saucers. Dad would pick up a box of them at Goodwill and a brick of .22's.
Ever since I have had a love of reacting targets.
A range I used to have use of, set up cutouts of deer and stuff made from old rubber mill bands from the lumber mill. If you hit it, it would sway. The 200 yard cutout was a lot of fun with my 6-inch model 66. There was a gong at 400 yards for my EBR. If you gave it a moment the sound would carry back to the range house.
Small groups are cool, but I like it when something happens downrange.
Even a block of ice can be fun once you get it properly shattered to smaller pieces.

dinthebeast said...

My friend Rob just got a 1911 converted to .22 long rifle so he could afford to actually shoot it. I'll tell him about the plate match, which sounds like something he would like.

-Doug in Oakland