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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Trump's the Only Guy Who Thinks That a Warmonger Isn't Going to Monger Wars

President Trump is questioning his administration’s aggressive strategy in Venezuela following the failure of a U.S.-backed effort to oust President Nicolás Maduro, complaining he was misled about how easy it would be to replace the socialist strongman with a young opposition figure, according to administration officials and White House advisers.
Trump has said in recent days that Bolton wants to get him “into a war” — a comment that he has made in jest in the past but that now betrays his more serious concerns, one senior administration official said.
Bolton was one in a long string of Republican draft-dodgers during the Vietnam War. Having successfully dodged that shooting war, his entire career has been spent advocating that the United States get into one war after another. He has never seen a foreign policy issue that he thinks can be solved by anything short of dropping bombs.

Bolton is a chickenhawk, through and through. Trump should have known that when he hired the man.


Mike R said...

Why would anyone expect anything less, Trump is a chicken hawk and birds of a feather flock together. It is always more fun to have you and him fight, person could get hurt with metal flying all around Some people are just meant to lead from the rear, John Bolton being one such person. My take, lots of kids that got sucking chest wounds had more important things to do, even if it meant just hanging out at the local drive in.

Unknown said...

Bolton has had anger issues against the "other" at least since the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979. His temperament has excluded or got him fired from several state positions. I wouldn't trust him with a fork at a picnic much less with US Foreign Policy. Condi Rice didn't want him on her team but Darth Cheney insisted they find a place for him so they nominated him for ambassador to the UN. He hated the UN. What a fit! Anyway, we'll be lucky if he doesn't drop somthing and blow it up.

Long time no see EBM. I am back to burping out a post or two every so often and it just happens that I posted one on ol' JB today. I've been linking and following you for some time... about 10 years I think. If you are so inclined, check out my lefty blog. Newly hosed down and scrubbed of broken stuff - https://salmonalley2009.blogspot.com/

Comrade Misfit said...

Got you on my blog roll.

Glen Filthie said...

LOL. Trump doesn’t give a hoot about Venezuela. He’s publicly (and correctly) referred to it as a shit hole country. He knows that Socialism is a problem that will take care of itself in Venezuela; and the parasites indulging in it will die shortly after their hosts. If that dump ever DID manage to somehow become a threat to US interests, he’d handle it the same way he handled that barking mutt in North Korea. For now he’ll be content to watch Venezuela lie in the bed it made for itself, and enjoy the prosperity he’s created in the US. Congrats to your president and that record busting economy by the way!

I remember when the hags and flimps in the mass media breathlessly proclaimed that “We Are All Socialists Now” when Obutthole became America’s affirmative action president. Well, by your own metrics... you’re all venture capitalists now, ladies! MAGA, bitches! Yes, he’s YOUR president! :)

Comrade Misfit said...

Glen, that is about as as nonsensical a screed as Trump's Twitter rants. Maybe you should consider putting down the MAGA crack pipe and reading a decent classic.

Trump demonstrably doesn't give a shit about anyone other than himself and his family. Your pledging fealty to the Donald shows that you have bought the con. Now he owns you.

Mike R said...

Gee Comrade he may own Glen, but the resale value probably isn't worth the maintenance.

CenterPuke88 said...

Don’t worry, Comrade, we know most of the Righties can’t read because every economic term they cite as proof of Donnie’s genius has simply been a continuation of the trend from the LAST Administration. Hell, even the stock market increase that Donnie used to brag about is lower than the rate of all previous Administrations. Kinda wonder how long it’ll be before Donnie brags about the stock market again...

DTWND said...

Remember that Quote from Donnie: "I love the poorly educated!"

Mr Filthie proves the point.