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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Equity Firms and Vulture Capitalists Are Destroying American Industry

The victim this time was Remington Arms, a profitable company that was drained of cash and driven into bankruptcy by Cerberus.

That a vulture firm is named after the Hound of Hell is a bit ironic.


re the paragon said...

Cerberus is ironic, and Mitt Romney misspelled the name of his company. "Bane" would have been honest and descriptive.

dinthebeast said...

Didn't they load Remington up with debt in anticipation of a Clinton administration fueled boom in sales?

-Doug in Oakland

Old NFO said...

A sad end to a great company, but typical of the vulture capitalists... Especially where guns are concerned. Dammit...

Dark Avenger said...

Thoughts and prayers to the merchants of deaths, I meant the sellers of fun bang tools.

Eck! said...

makes for an interesting condition for the suit against the makers of the bushmaster... I'd think that suit is then reduced to a giant nothing.

Intentional or accidental... more like business greed. It was the end of greed is good era.