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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Trump Apparently Thinks Americans Don't Celebrate the Fourth of July

President Donald Trump says he’ll host a July Fourth celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. And though the event he’s calling “A Salute to America” is months away, he’s boasting it’ll be one of the city’s biggest Independence Day gatherings--ever.
Right. Holding a Fourth of July celebration on July 4th-- that's some real outside-the-box thinking, there.

Every Fourth, there is a concert by the National Symphony Orchestra and one of the Army bands on the west lawn of the Capitol. It's televised, live, by PBS.

It's been going on for thirty years. I gather that nobody has bothered to inform Cadet Bone Spurs of this.

He really needs somebody on his staff who isn't a sycophantic twit.


dinthebeast said...

He didn't get his military parade and felt like he needed something to make a big deal out of to take his mind off of the disappointment.

-Doug in Oakland

Comrade Misfit said...

There are some other celebrations that Trump could dream up. He could suggest that people gather in Time's Square late in the evening of Dec. 31st. to ring out the old year and greet the new one.

Kids could dress up in costumes and demand to be paid off in candy for not vandalizing their neighbor's houses to celebrate Trump's grifterism.

Dark Avenger said...

Now, you guys are just haters here. Conservatives can testify that before Trump, nobody even dreamed of celebrating July 4th as a holiday.

w3ski said...

There are gatherings and music, and fireworks already. Does the Cheetolini expect to start a competing event at the same time? It boggles the mind.
At least Ronnie had Nancy to shut him up. Not like Melon-ia even knows what he is saying.
Sad, just very sad.

bearsense said...

His very own Nuremberg Rally.