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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sen, Capito (R-WV) is Dumber Than the Average Rock

This what she said about El Caudillo de Mara Lago's declaration of a national emergency:
“He’s got to ask himself, ‘What are the ramifications of what I’m doing?’” she said.
Trump has never given a shit about the ramifications of whatever he's done at any time in his life. Cleaning up after Trump is the job of his lawyers or the stupid schmucks who are dumb enough to have either loaned him money or invested in his projects. For sure, Trump does not give a fuck about the Constitution. He's probably never read it, he has a different set of reading material.

Capito has to be delusional if she thinks that Trump gives a shit as to whether or not he makes it easier for a future president to ram his or her pet projects into fruition over the objections of Congress, let alone the American people.

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