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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Trump Gets Hoisted by His Own Petard, Again

The problem with running one's mouth on Twitter a lot is that somebody is going to notice what one said in the past and compare it to today.

First we have that Trump will, as of January 1st, have his third Chief of Staff in less than two years (four, if you count Steve Bannon, who was sort of a co-chief with Priebus).

Then we have what Cheetolini tweeted when Obama got a new Chief of Staff:

If Kelly came away from his time with Trump with his reputation and honor intact, it would be because he was a Marine who took on a horrendous job out of a sense of duty from nearly fifty years of service to the nation.

His replacement, a young political sleazeball, has no such shield. He's going from working for an intolerant religious zealot to working for a guy who is on the cusp of being indicted for various federal, if not state, felonies.

The churn continues.


CenterPuke88 said...

Ayers is reported to have declined and is leaving the White House...maybe reads tea leaves well?

Stewart Dean said...
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Stewart Dean said...

A rat can just look at a ship and know....

hjmler said...

Ayers is another piece of work, but is smart enough not to get caught up with T... thought there's probably plenty of ugly from his time w Pence... worth considering how a kid like that can sock away $50 Million in 6 years...

CenterPuke88 said...

Hjmler, I’m sure if you asked him, it’s just the Prayer of Jabez at work. Funny how they all talk about the New Testement and a kind God until something hinders or bothers them, then it’s Old Testement and off with his head and confiscate is wealth.