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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

CSI-ing the House; Post-Illness

I don't know whether what I had was a norovirus or not, but I am taking precautions.

The second link, above, has suggestions on cleaning. It's not quick and easy. Unless your anti-bacterial wipes are hospital-grade, they'll be worthless. You have to go old school (a cup of bleach in a gallon jug, fill with water). Apply and let sit for ten minutes before wiping.

Key facts: It takes 20 virus particles to make one sick. A tablespoon of puke has up to 15 million and a tablespoon of shit has up to 75 billion. The particles can survive out on a surface for six weeks. You'll be contagious for a few days after you recover and you'll have virus in your stool for two weeks, so you should be bleaching your toilet every time that you take a dump.

Even then, somebody who visits or who lives in your home may get sick, as well.

(Being sick was like a combination of a Yom Kippur fast and a colonoscopy prep, with bonus puking.)


B said...

If your bleach/water is the right concentration, you only need about 2 minutes. Wiping once alone will do it if the air in your house isn't too dry, and the solution sits on surfaces for 2 minutes. .

Another good idea is an ozone generator. Kills bugs both on the surface and in the air.
But too much ozone is like too much bleach....it can make you sick with the side effects, so use with caution.

bmq215 said...

Personally I use squeeze bottle filled with 10% bleach solution followed by one with 95% alcohol. Spray, wipe, spray, wipe, done. Of course I'm using it to sterilize a molecular bio lab but it's aimed at killing the same stuff.

Victor said...

Good to know!

Eck! said...

Yep,used the same trick with 99.4% iso or ethanol...worked a champ on line 3.

One trick I use is dumping some soft scrub (or raw bleach) in the toilet
tank for the next flush.

its one nasty bug.

Get well!