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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Republicans Emphasize the Doctrine of Sore Losers

Republicans in the legislatures in Wisconsin and Michigan are trying to enact legislation to limit the power of Democrats who won state offices. This is nothing other than them being petty-ass and vindictive sore losers in the finest tradition of "I'll take my ball and go home, so there, NyaaHH!

They are truly despicable. (They tried to do it in North Carolina, but that isn't holding up in court.)

Meanwhile, for a party that decries voter fraud, Republicans in one North Carolina race have engaged in so much ballot fraud that even the Republicans running the state election board won't certify the result.


w3ski said...

It really bugs me and it comes back to daily widespread rethug attitudes. "We know what's best for you, so don't get in our way". They are a minority faction and they only win by cheating, then they say "we have a mandate". I hate that attitude with all my heart and wherever it comes up as well.

pigpen51 said...

I live in Michigan, and am a conservative. Yet I am appalled that the Republican party is trying this crap.
The Democrats are no better. They are still angry over the last presidential election, with some vowing to impeach him, no matter what. That makes them look like petulant children.

dinthebeast said...

Republicans seem to believe that only Republicans get to govern in the US, which wouldn't be so problematic if they were still able to do so.
Since that hasn't been the case since Gingrich and GOPAC, it is indeed a problem.

-Doug in Oakland