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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Thank Trump for the Democratic House Majority

In reviewing polling and other data, [Republican political operatives] discovered that the president’s provocative immigration rhetoric was more damaging to the House GOP during the final seven to 10 days than they realized at the time.

Trump hammered on the migrant caravan as he barnstormed red states to stump for Republican Senate candidates in the homestretch while also raising the specter of eliminating birthright citizenship for the children of immigrants. The president’s near-singular focus on those issues repelled Hispanics, independents and soft Republicans, turning a race for House control that leaned Democratic into a late-breaking GOP bloodbath.
In late September, Republicans appeared resurgent, a product of the pitched battle to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. By late October, their condition soured, the result of a toxic mixture of Trump’s immigration rhetoric, bomb threats against Democrats and media outlets allegedly perpetrated by a Trump supporter, and a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that the president fumbled in response.
Mind you, the above story did not run in anything that can remotely be described s a liberal rag-- it ran in the Washington Examiner.

It wasn't just immigration and Trump's reflex to align with neo-Nazis; health insurance also played a part. Funny thing: Widening access to health insurance and covering pre-existing conditions turned out to be popular with everyone outside of the Batshit Wingnut GOP base.

Don't even bother to ask if any of this will sink in with the Stable Genius. It likely won't. His gut is telling him things.


Deadstick said...

My gut tells me things all the time -- but I know what it's full of.

dinthebeast said...

Maybe the stable genius should muck out that stable every once in a while.

-Doug in Oakland

Ben Marcy-Quay said...

No, no, you clearly don't understand how characterization of media bias works. The Examiner ran this story. It is critical of Trump. Ergo the Examiner is a "liberal rag".