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Saturday, September 9, 2017

ATF is About as Crooked As It Gets

the ATF basically ran a crooked cigarette business for the purpose of generating cash that the ATF could then use for other purposes, without having to put up with such things as Congressional oversight or submitting budgets.
The operation, such was it was, went across the administrations for Bush II and Obama. The Department of Justice has been doing what it can to hust things up.

Sure it was improper, and actually illegal. Even the AFT knew that.

But will anyone be punished?

Don't hold yer breath.

When an AFT agent does an audit of a gun shop's paper work, even a simple error will be punished with fines ranging from a few hundred dollars to many thousands. Because obeying every jot and tittle of the law is what the AFT expects from those businesses it oversees.

But obeying the law just in't very important if one happens to have a Federal badge. Embezzlement? Piffle.

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