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Friday, November 11, 2016

Yeah, Yeah. I Got Yer Veteran's Day Eyewash Right Here.

Because that's all it is. A day to say "oh, thank you for your service", to make those who didn't serve feel as though they've done something worthwhile. Like buying a poppy from the DAV or VFW guy standing outside of Wal-Mart.

You want to do some real good? How about maybe pressuring your politicians to fix the mess that is the VA? Or maybe do something serious, such as stop electing those fucking chickenhawks, the clowns (men and women) who blather about getting involved in wars or such when nobody in their family has ever served. Or they had "other priorities" when they were of age to serve.

Don't thank me for my service. Ask yourself why you didn't serve. Or why the oligarchs didn't. Or if you couldn't serve, why you didn't do something equivalent.

If your idea of being patriotic is putting a flag decal on your vehicle or some similar shit, well, that's just talk.

Talk is cheap. So is saying "thank you for your service" and thinking you've done your part.


deadstick said...

A good start: Give veterans a day off on Veterans Day and make the teachers and DMV clerks go to work.

Comrade Misfit said...

Good idea: You got a DD214, you get the day off with pay. Otherwise, go the fuck to work.

Merchants running "Veterans' Day Sales" have to sell their stuff, at cost, to veterans. Everyone else pays regular price. Or the owners have to have served. Failure to meet either condition will result in being shot.

Wal-Mart's gun section had a hell of a line this morning. tomorrow is Opening Day; the ones who didn't plan ahead were getting their licenses.

CenterPuke88 said...

Interesting enough, our teachers WERE at work today. The had a professional development day, while the kids got a holiday.

I tried, but the genius doc at the New Orleans Naval Reserve Base, in 1987, dicked up the paperwork and rejected me. Ever since, on my FAA Airman Medical Application, I get to check box S with a yes and explain to the AME that it's already reported and the quack that did it was a moron. After 20 times, it really starts to suck.

Old NFO said...

Totally agree with Veterans getting the day off!!! Friends who work at certain universities have to take a vacation day, because most universities don't recognize it as a holiday for employees. And fixing the VA would be a good start, although OKC VA seems to be doing a pretty good job.