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Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Fraud Meets the Worst Campaigner, Ever

US President-elect Donald Trump has met one of his fiercest critics, Mitt Romney, with reports suggesting he may be considered for secretary of state.

Neither man gave details of their 80-minute meeting on Saturday. Mr Romney said the talks had been "far-reaching".

During the campaign, Mr Romney called Mr Trump a "fraud", while Mr Trump said Mr Romney's unsuccessful presidential bid in 2012 had been "the worst ever".
Yep, that's some impressive swamp-draining.

Gad, that must chap both Rudy Giuliani's and Chris Christie's asses. Christie did everything he could for Trump, including swallowing public humiliation, and he seems to be getting nothing for it. It was pretty much an open secret that Giuliani was angling to be the AG, which as we know now, didn't happen.

And yet it's ol' Willard M. Romney, the leader of the last-ditch attempt to derail the Trump Nomination Express, who gets a well-publicized meeting with The Donald.

All of which may mean nothing. The Donald plays the press like a drum kit. Only he and his kids know for sure whom he is considering for what jobs.

Meanwhile, The Donald demonstrates, yet again, that freedom of speech means nothing if his tender ego is bruised.

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

I would actually rather see Mitt than Rudy at State. I personally don't think it will happen, but what do I know? I've been pretty damn wrong lately, so perhaps it's best for me to just see what really happens before ranting about it.
I will speculate that Donald may be in for a rude awakening when he finds out that most of the population isn't like his rallies.

-Doug in Oakland