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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bet ITT Tech is Kicking Themselves, Hard, About Now

You may recall that a little over two months ago, ITT Technical Institute closed all of its schools after the Department of Education barred it from receiving Federal student loan aid and grants.

The for-profit college industry exists because they can get Federal student aid money. From giants like ITT Tech to pissants like local "beauty colleges", they all leech off money that gullible kids will have to repay after they receive their mostly-worthless degrees.

The stock market seems to think that, following Trump's election, the grifter schools are a good investment. Because they think that Trump will be fine with them sucking away at the public treasury. Even though he is paying $25 million to make his problem in that regard go away, but you can rest assured that there is no way that money is coming out of his own coffers.


w3ski said...

My own daughter got sucked into a 'pay to play' school after high school. As 'Dad' I admit I argued against it at the time, but was 'overruled'.
Now she has finally found a job, but it has no relation to her 'almost' degree in Graphic Arts.
She has school debts, we have part of her school debts, and my Sister paid 'some part' of her debt as well.
Heck of a deal, all around.
I has hoped for finally some kind of reckoning over this crap in the new administration, but I see now that it can only get worse.
Damn that half of the country that didn't give enough of a crap to vote.
I blame Them!

B said...

See, and I am a graduate of, and have hired man graduates of, ITT Tech. Electronics Engineering. Lots of money to be had there.

Many students can't hack the curriculum and drop out, but those that graduated did well, if they had a work ethic.