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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sheesh; Clueless Edition

The entrance to Trump tower -- which sits near heavily trafficked luxury shops, including Tiffany & Co. and Gucci -- has become a special challenge. New York City zoning rules require that the space in front of Trump Tower remain open to the public, and Secret Service officials say they have told city officials they are trying to be mindful of any impact on business.

Secret Service officials have raised the possibility of shutting down some lanes on Fifth Avenue -- or even shutting down the major thoroughfare entirely -- in talks with city law enforcement.
That's going to be a real clusterfuck, especially if Trump continues his practice of spending as many nights as he can in his own bed. Between that and the standard presidential TFR with a 30 nautical mile radius, things are going to be seriously fucked up.

At least Bush mostly went to West Bumfuck, TX and Obama stayed in D.C. Obama quickly figured out that fucking up Chicagoans' lives with the Secret Service wasn't worth the squeeze. Don't expect The Donald to have the same consideration for other people.
Trump also took the unusual step of naming his three oldest children and his son-in-law to top posts, moves certain to create potential conflicts of interest given that his attorney said Trump would put his children in charge of his assets while he is president.
Because nothing says "Third World dictatorship" like salting the administration with family members.

Meanwhile, his son-in-law, displayed Olympic-level cluelessness:
Kushner’s presence at the White House on Thursday drew notice from Obama’s staff when he asked, as they toured the West Wing, how many of the individuals there would remain into the next administration.
Most people would have known, going in, that the number approached "zero".

You could pitch a new series from this: The Amateur President or "And You Thought Bush Was Inept".

This was interesting:
Carson confidant Armstrong Williams said the former neurosurgeon and top Trump surrogate will continue to advise Trump from outside the White House but declined Trump's offer to join his administration as a cabinet-level official.

"He's never run an agency and it's a lot to ask. He's a neophyte and that's not his strength," Williams said, despite the fact that Carson vied for the Republican nomination to be the next president of the United States.
So he's not qualified to be the Secretary of Something, but he thought he was qualified to be President?

Are these people shooting up meth on an hourly basis?


Nangleator said...

I had a thought about trump living in New York... he knows how to get cocaine there. He might have trouble working out a pipeline into the White House.

He won't be interested in long overseas trips.

bearsense said...

Ah, the blind leading the stupid.

Marc said...

Nangleator - Once he figures out the FBI is able to supply him, he won't have a pressing need to be in NY, aside from sleeping in his own bed.

I've seen elsewhere some folks who voted for tRump are now surprised at what the GOP plans to do - vouchers for Medicare and get rid of Social Security. It's like the voters in KY, who voted for their Governor, and are in disbelief that he's going through with what he campaigned on. I saw this setup when Arnold became Governor of CA - it was a popularity contest/tribal identity election, not one for which candidate was most qualified for the position. Now with Ben Carson saying he's not qualified...

CenterPuke88 said...

Even in Texas the Presidential TFR was a mess. It blocked two departure routes south from The DFW Terminal Area. The 10.1-30 mile circle (filed flight plan, transponder on discrete code, radio communication, etc) was annoying and yielded tones of violations. The 0-10 no fly core was a nightmare on hot days for jets heading to Mexico. FL180 to top it, restricted airspace and arrivals to the west, other departures to the east...

Anonymous said...


Ben Carson saying he's not qualified sadly makes him one of the more qualified of the 2016 candidates on the basis of self awareness. How he ever became a brain surgeon is beyond me, though. Given his performance, I'd definitely pass on going under his knife.... but I'd rather have him than Trump.

-- Bob in OK, anonymous because Google knows too much about everybody already

B said...

Trump s named his kids to the TRANSITION TEAM....not his administration.

But don't let reality get in the way of your hate....

Doug T. said...

Need to sleep in his own bed? Jerry and Betty Ford solved that, they took theirs to the WH.