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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Give Him Nothing, I Say.

275 votes in the Electoral College and a lesser total of popular votes than his opponent does not equal a "mandate". Anyone who says otherwise must present notarized proof of their acknowledging, at the time, the mandates of President Obama.

More to the point of this: Trump was one of the leaders in trying to delegitimize the presidency of Barack Obama. He, the Birther-in-Chief, gets nothing from me. No deference, no respect, no nothing. Republicans who are upset by that can go suck off a goat, preferably, one with orange hair and short fingers.

Republicans fought President Obama, a popularly-elected president, tooth-and-claw. Any Democrat in the Senate who does not fight the Trump Administration on every judicial appointment and does not oppose the more lunatic cabinet appointments should be tarred and feathers and flogged down the length of K Street.

As for anyone who did not agree with the selection of the Orange-Haired Menace as the next president, who was eligible to vote and who did not vote, they can go suck off the aforementioned goat.


bigredwookie said...

amen sister

Dan Kleiner said...

oh SUPER yes!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Tooth and claw? I WISH! Had they, we'd have no Trump.

B said...

At least you aren't out protesting like we Republicans did in 2008 and 2012.....

Oh, wait.

We were told to accept the legally elected president. We did.

Odd, that.

3383 said...

Vote like Colin Kaepernick? Oh, wait, he didn't.

CenterPuke88 said...

Why you hating on that goat?

JFM said...

I like to wait for the Federal Election Report. I know my vote hasn't been counted yet along with many others. The difference between Obama and Romney was less than 4% of the total vote, roughly 5 million votes out of 135 million votes cast. The numbers reported are based on exit polls and well, polls have been wrong this election. I do know people, including my wife, who are afraid to tell people how they voted for fear of losing friends or upsetting co-workers. Lotta fear this election on all sides.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the popular vote vice the electoral college, I can't say I disagree. It is the system we have, and though complained about through the years, it has yet to be changed or discarded. The petitions to disregard it... That would end poorly.

Regarding fighting Trump every inch? YES! EVERY American should fight EVERY politician they disagree with.

Regarding Trump... I understand the anger. Calling half the country bigots because they disagree with President Obama alienated many. Papering over economic issues to give (bipartisan) cover to politicians led some to dispair. The lunacy of the parties attempting to treat the presidency as a hereditary right (repubs pushed JEB FREAKING BUSH, demos kneecapped superior canidates to nominate another Clinton). The republicans vowing a less intrusive government prior to sn election and then back stabbing their constituents 3 seconds after being sworn in... I could go on, but it's too depressing. People were pissed. Trump is the ultimate middle finger to the ruling class (both parties), he is also an asshole.

Regarding Clinton... I'm a repulblican by registration and libertarian by outlook; had he not been undone by a corrupt DNC, I would have given him my vote (assuming the other choice was still Trump). But horrifically unacceptable Clinton was the nominee.

There WILL be other elections, there WILL be other votes. We can disagree with each other and still be one people protrcting each othe rights.

But given the current climate, I'm still posting this as an anonymous coward.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, you don't recall the entire birther movement, which was somewhat led by Trump, which spent years denying the legitimacy of the Obama presidency?

That's some awesome memory hole you have, there.

LRod said...

For all those trumpeting Bernie's alleged superiority as a potential nominee, I give you one word: "socialist".

Now, don't misunderstand me. I know what socialist means, and generally, all of us with liberal leanings are socialists. It's even enshrined in the Constitution, "provide for the general welfare", not once, but twice--first in the Preamble, and then in Section 1, Article 8.

This is not, of course "welfare" in the context of saint ronnie, but the well being of the citizenry. It's one of the basic mandates of our government. It has a higher priority than the Bill of Rights.

Socialism got a bad name during the Cold War, because those pesky bolsheviks, in addition to all of their other tenets, were socialists. By the mid '50s (think McCarthy), socialism became a synonym for communism, certainly to the intellectually unsophisticated.

Bernie, however, is the very definition of "good socialist" if such exists. But, if Bernie had become the nominee, the right would have slathered the label "socialist" all over him and promoted the Cold War "definition" against him.

Also, don't forget, Bernie, good man largely on our side that he is, is a "democrat" in the same sense that Rand Paul is a "board certified opthalmologist". As in self identified for convenience.

The right would have destroyed Bernie, and they'd have gotten the blow out.

ZJX, ORD, ORD retired

Eck! said...

Me I'm taking the tack of paying even more attention to the going in Washington.

That means at mid term republicans may be on the block or the Dems if they don't act.

I did vote so that gives me the right to complain. I didn't vote for Trump, don't like him or his buddy. BUT, He may be an ass, but he is the president elect, or differently put our ass who will be president. And like everyone before him I may agree or disagree on various topics and decisions. If you didn't vote STFU, you had a chance and wasted it.

I'd add that if you can't at least respect the person in the seat at least respect the chair. That and work to change who is in it.

If you think you can do a better job run for office. If you can't do that then work with your party starting NOW to establish a better next candidate. Otherwise STFU.

Most of us realize that DC is a bureaucracy, that's the thing that makes day to days stuff all over that place run. They are also those who will pester his ass to be at this or that meeting or sign this or that form so the lights get turned on, the white house lawn get mowed, and he gets fed. They are the government, they do the work, he can't easily fire them.

I really don't give a rats ass for those with their "feelings", reality check in progress, your unable to think critically for yourself. Those of us that can think recognize that tomorrow rather than burning and looting or blocking traffic that
work awaits, the animals need to be fed and bills will get paid. We will go from there. The world didn't stop turning. There will be changing weather. Life will
go on.

Get over it and get on with it.


dinthebeast said...

What do you think about Greg Palast's article about the crosscheck purges being larger than Trump's margin of victory in at least three states?

-Doug in Oakland

Comrade Misfit said...

Doug, haven't read it. But I did note that several states that barely went for Trump had Republican governors who were running active voter-suppression programs.

The election probably was stolen. But carping abut it does no good. Democrats need to get their asses in gear on the state levels and fix it.