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Saturday, December 14, 2013

TSA: Even Sock Monkeys Can't Have Toy Guns

So said a TSA goon at St. Louis.
A sock monkey dressed as a cowboy made his flight to Seattle from St. Louis last week, but his tiny sidearm had to stay behind.

Phyllis McDill May, who sews the dolls for gifts and for sale, said Friday that it seemed extreme for a Transportation Security Administration agent here to confiscate a miniature toy revolver that was so obviously not a real firearm.
It was a tiny toy, obviously not real, but that didn't keep the TSA idiot from having a pants-shitting moment and threatening to call the cops.

This, folks, is why TSA screeners should never be upgraded to law enforcement officers. They have the education of dropouts and the common sense of school administrators, which is a pretty toxic combination.

The TSA, in justification, claims that there is a very tiny revolver. Which costs about $8,000, if you could even find one. Ammo is over $11/round. While the ATF has its own episode of pants-shitting and bans the gun from import, in Canada, they classify it as a popgun, not a firearm.


The New York Crank said...

No no, you don't get it. It's not that TSA was overzealous. They were totally lazy. See, tiny real guns will be carried by Al Qaeda midgets, dressed as dolls.

They should have busted the entire doll.Or at least made it take off its shoes.

Very crankily yours,
The New York Crank

Mike R said...

It happens other places also, the wife and I were returning from a dive trip to Akumal and the cenotes and had this strange experience. The person screening our carry on baggage confiscated the wife's tooth brush. To make it even more interesting as we walked around we found several ways to walk into the "secure" area without passing through the scanners and checkers.

It is all just for show and the people working the front lines are led by the less than competent. It is all for show.