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Thursday, December 5, 2013

And a Little More on That Fascist Fool

After posting last night's screed, it occurred to me that Col Tarleton Bateman comes across as a pretty typical staff puke. He brags about being able to bring violence to others, but think about how a colonel would do it. He'd be sitting in a battalion command post, ordering around companies of soldiers and coordinating the use of artillery and Air Force assets.

All the while drinking coffee.

How he would be in an alley by his lonesome with only a M-9 or a S&W Model 10 is another question entirely. A guess would be that the average street cop would stomp a mudhole into Bateman's ass and walk it dry. One of the old-school cops, the ones who carried Model 10 revolvers (and kept their shoes polished) wouldn't even have broken a sweat doing it.

(Also worth reading.)


Joe said...

Not a great guess. Bateman's a Ranger.

steve said...

Are we reading the same article, or did you post the wrong link?

I missed the part where he threatened to make war on US citizens.

I'm not sure about 'bragging about bringing violence to others' either. He states his job is "deliberate management of violence" and "I orchestrate violence". That is just poetry for 'logistics manager'.

If he is a colonel, He is just a logistics manager. That is what Command and General Staff do, logistics management. That is they sit around and drink coffee and plan how to move stuff from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible.

I haven't read up on it, but his civilian disarmament scheme seems very UK/Australian to me.

I agree his permitted weapon list is pretty limited. I think handguns should be permitted.

I think weapons should be inherited forever without de-milling.

I think cops should melt down all unclaimed guns, or better yet sell them to Feds for that 200% buyback.

Ammo tax for "specialty weapons" sounds OK.

Fed buyback sounds Ok. They could collect a bunch of civilian weapons to match up with all of that civilian type ammo I hear they are hoarding (410).

I think civilians really do not need bump fire Ar-15s with 30rd magazines.

Nicki said...

Need? So it's a Bill of Needs now, not a Bill of Rights?

zdogk9 said...

I do NOT give two farts in a typhoon what the government thinks I need Steve, I FUCKING WANT whatever that dick wit has access to.