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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stupid Human Tricks; Dealing With the Po-Po Edition

Look, in parts of this country, you simply do not dare the cops to shoot you.

For they will.
SAN ANTONIO — Just before University of the Incarnate Word senior Robert Cameron Redus was fatally shot in a struggle with a UIW police officer Friday morning, a neighbor overheard what may have been his last words.

“I heard (a man) say, 'Oh, you're gonna shoot me?' like sarcastic almost,” said Mohammad Haidarasl, 22, who was on his couch in his ground-floor unit at the Treehouse Apartments in Alamo Heights at about 2 a.m.

Less than a minute later, Haidarasl heard four to six gunshots.
Which, of course, is not to say that the dead kid didn't do something worth his getting bulletized.

But frankly, this one smells. If you read down in the story, you'll find that the cop who shot the kid has been a cop for eight years and he's worked for eight different cop shops. That kind of implies that he has a bit of trouble playing nice with others, at the least.


BadTux said...

Meanwhile Iceland mourns because, for the first time in their history as an independent nation (they declared independence in 1944), a police officer has killed a man.

Our police here are militarized, poorly trained, violent, and ill-tempered. You don't realize that until you see how police behave in civilized countries...

Unknown said...

This is the bit that sounds fishy to me:
"...The officer radioed for help during the struggle and Redus was shot multiple times."

How does one involved in a struggle serious enough to justify SHOOTING someone manage to get a hand free to use a radio?

FrankC said...

"How does one ... get a hand free to use a radio?"
Possibly the radios have a panic button. One press and the mic is live and stays live until reset.