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Friday, October 7, 2011

Whinging Corporation Threatens Lawsuit If They Are Not Allowed to Frell Up Tens of Millions of GPS Receivers

That's the basic threat of a legalistic extortion letter that LightSquared sent to the FCC. Because how can it possible that the users of a few billions of dollars of GPS receivers would not mind their navigation units being crippled so that some greedy corporation can make boatloads of money? Wouldn't all those pilots, motorists, farmers, surveyors, mariners, hikers, cops, firemen, EMS workers be grateful to have to go buy new GPS devices so a company can make more money? How dare the FCC look out for the public interest over a corporation?

(This is what is going on.)


LRod said...


ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired

Frank Van Haste said...

I say, whinging is a perfectly good word, old boy...British-ism that it is.


LRod said...

Would that be from the verb "to whing"?

I always thought the verb was "to whine" Could it be I've been wrong all these years?

I'd say "Middle English", "Old English", "Northern variant of Old (or "auld") English", "Old High German", or "Middle High German" are amusing historical artifacts but have no relevance to the 'Murican we all speak.

I'd also note that for all the "whinging" I see on the internet, I never see anyone "whing", which is, at the very least, inconsistent.

op cit

squiregeek said...

It's from whinge, a perfectly good (if mostly British) word.

And I'm just sure that Lightsquared will be happy to replace my existing GPS receivers (I have several) at no cost to me.

LRod said...

Ha, ha. Just noticed this—right column, main page, Rule No 2—"If you feel the need to whine on and on…"

So EBMF does know the correct 'Murican word…

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