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Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Not Just a Bunch of Hipsters

Just 26 percent of Americans in an April 2011 Harris poll thought the people working on Wall Street were "as honest and moral as other people" (for a point of comparison, the percentage was 51 in 1997). In that same poll, 67 percent of Americans agreed that "most people on Wall Street would be willing to break the law if they believed they could make a lot of money and get away with it.
And the "no confidence" numbers for the banksters are now over 40%. About as many people have a lot of confidence in the banksters as have confidence in Congress.

Right now, I would be willing to bet that more people trusted the Syndicate than they now do Wall Street. For one thing, you knew, going in, that mobsters were crooks.


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Ruckus said...

I always figured bankers were crooks, it's just that now I know for sure. And the mob told you up front what not paying meant. Some piece of your body was going to be in pain/broken. With bankers you just keep getting fucked a bit at a time, a little more here, a little more there, until it's all gone.